Impact Partners PitchFest 2022 kicked off with the APAC region. We received up to 200 applicants and we are excited to share with you the exceptional enterprises that have managed to impress the judges with their world-changing solutions to economic growth with a gender lens. 

We hope that through the access and support gained from this event, these enterprises are equipped to scale their impact on the world. 

Congratulations to the Impact Partners PitchFest 2022 – APAC winners and finalists!

Impact Partners PitchFest 2022 – APAC winner: Meraki Agro (Indonesia)

Meraki agro is a sustainable agriculture business operating in Indonesia with an impact score of 7.3 They are benefiting their customers by offering better quality fruits and vegetables while helping farmers, transporters, and others in the value chain with improved knowledge and capacity. Comparing their performance to the average IIX Values impact score for sustainable agriculture which is 5.84, it is clear that Meraki is an impactful enterprise.


Most Impactful Enterprise: Surplus (Indonesia)

Surplus is aiming to reduce food waste in Indonesia by creating demand for food that would otherwise be wasted through tech-enabled solutions. Their impact score of 7.1 demonstrates their dual impact creation – they are creating social impact by improving the affordability of food and food items and they are helping the environment by reducing food waste and GHG emissions. 



Audience Favorite: Inclus (Singapore)

Inclus is operating in the healthcare sector with an impact score of 6.0. They are improving the employability of people with disabilities in Singapore by increasing their capacity and connecting them to like-minded employers, this not only creates positive physiological and social impact but also mitigates socio-personal risks. The average IIX Values impact score for enterprises in healthcare is 5.29, confirming Inclus to be an impactful enterprise. 


Other finalists

Fuchsia Shoes (Pakistan)

Fuchsia shoes is an innovative sustainable apparel business with an IIX Values impact score of 7.0. They are creating positive impacts for their customers by offering trendy products which are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. They are also benefiting their employees by ensuring good compensation, working conditions, and incentives. 


Green Grain (Bangladesh)

Green Grain is a sustainable agriculture business with an impact score of 6.3. They are helping underprivileged cashew farmers in Bangladesh by building their capacity and creating a market for their products, at the same time customers are benefiting from having access to sustainably sourced and better quality cashew products.


Our Impact Partners PitchFest 2022 will continue on to the AMERICAS region.
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