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We empower impact enterprises that are innovating solutions for women’s empowerment, climate action, and community resilience, while valuing and including their most vulnerable beneficiaries in financial systems.

Impact Partners & IIX Growth Fund

IIX supports impact enterprises through Impact Partners, the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms for impact investing (Learn more about Impact Partners), and through the IIX Growth Fund, an equity fund focused on South and Southeast Asia (Learn more about the Fund)

Women’s Empowerment

The vision of gender equity in health remains an unfinished agenda. The time has come to hear our voices and to take a stand that Women’s Health Matters. Join the movement to empower women to take health into their own hands and give voice to how health care is delivered and how health outcomes are measured.
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Through ACTS (Assistance for Capacity-building and Technical Services) and AIMS (Accelerating Impact through Mentorship and Support), we empower impact enterprises to overcome key growth challenges, raise capital, and change the world.
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We curate programs with partners who share our vision for change to bring the impact economy to every country and sector. Past programs include the IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge with UNDP, and the GRAISEA program with OXFAM and SIDA.
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We connect the Back Streets of underserved communities to the Wall Streets of the world by changing financial systems to drive social change.


Innovative Finance

We unlock the potential of financial markets to enable everyone to participate in the impact economy and drive women’s empowerment. We do this through innovative and blended finance instruments such as the award-winning Women’s Livelihood Bond™, the Women’s Health Bond, and Exchange Traded Funds.
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Impact Assessments

Learn how we are setting new standards with our proprietary impact assessments by giving voice and measuring what matters to those most vulnerable in society, while helping businesses and investors grow long-term impact.
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IIX Values

Impact is the change to people’s lives. Impact Assessments measure that change. And Value(s) is a platform solution that values it all. Building on our decade of experience in impact measurement and data analytics, IIX Value(s) is going global to bring value to every company.
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Impact Exchange

Our eyes are set beyond deal closes. Impact Exchange is the world’s first Social Stock Exchange dedicated to connecting impact enterprises with global markets for good.
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We build opportunities for anyone, anywhere to play a role in a more inclusive world by democratizing information and learning, giving voice to vulnerable communities, and collaborating across boundaries.


IIX Impact Institute

IIX provides structured courses and customized trainings for Corporate Partners, Industry Professionals, and University Groups seeking to become the next generation of change agents
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We can build a more just, peaceful future in our lifetime, but we cannot do it alone. Join us to take a stand, make a commitment, and drive the next era of change. Learn about how we’re moving the needle with the Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace Initiative and the Women’s Health Initiative.

Radio and Podcast Series

In a special collaboration with Knowledge@Wharton, this series takes listeners on a journey to explore how impact investing is connecting the back streets of underserved communities to the Wall Streets of the world.
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IIX Chapters

IIX Chapters are a global initiative run by local leaders to connect the Back Streets of underserved communities to the Wall Streets of the world. IIX Chapters create local communities of professionals across sectors that collaborate to achieve sustainable development and equitable growth in their cities.
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