IIX Foundation Presents SHE IS MORE

SHE IS MORE Holiday Hamper 2019


Orders for the SHE IS MORE Holiday Hampers are now closed, but they’re not gone forever! Stay tuned to find out more when the hampers become available again.

IIX puts women at the center of all its work and is an advocate for the global recognition of the value of women across spaces—from financial markets to art canvases, boardroom to the factory—because we know that SHE IS MORE.

For your holiday season needs—from Christmas to Diwali, Chinese New Year to Hari Raya, take this opportunity to support women across Asia, with the SHE IS MORE Basket, with products sourced exclusively from enterprises making an impact across the region.

The Hampers are made of 100% eco-friendly materials and they showcase high-quality, responsibly sourced products exclusively made from underserved women from some of the remotest regions across Asia. They are suitable for various holiday season needs – from Christmas to Chinese New Year

Women beneficiaries who make these products come from disadvantaged communities across Asia. Many underserved women remain trapped in subsistence living, preventing women – and consequently their families and communities – from becoming a catalytic force for society

Working alongside our Impact Enterprises, we aim to impact 5,000 women to receive training to equip themselves with skills and knowledge to improve their livelihood opportunities. Beyond financial access, their participation also contributes towards environmental protection through sustainable use of natural resources to make these products. Their increased financial resilience thus creates a ripple effect in their communities and surrounding ecosystems.

Have a look at the indicative products in our Holiday Hamper!


Green Enterprise Premium Virgin Coconut Oil (Indonesia)


Krakakoa Arenga 70% Dark Chocolate (Indonesia)

East Bali Cashews Chocolate Vanilla Granola Bites (Indonesia)

Coco Khmer - Soothing Naga Balm

Coco Khmer Soothing Naga Balm (Cambodia)

East Bali Cashews Chilli Lime Cashew Snack (Indonesia)

Coco Khmer Natural Coconut Lip Balm (Cambodia)

RedRoots Cocktail Mixer

Red Roots Ltd. Organic Cocktail Mixer - Cosmopolitan, Mojito & Simply Syrup (New Zealand)

Krakakao Milk Chocolate Bark with Seed & Grain (Indonesia)

Java Mountain Coffee Mocha Java Blend (Indonesia)

Krakakoa - 60_

Krakakoa Arenga 60% Dark Milk Chocolate (Indonesia)

Coco Khmer Body Balm

Coco Khmer Lemongrass Body Balm (Cambodia)

Krakakoa - Dark Choco with Focaccia

Krakakoa Milk Chocolate Bark with Foccacia (Indonesia)


BizLink Cookies - Vanilla Cranberry and Ultimate Chocolate Flavours (Singapore)

When given the opportunity, women have the unique power to reshape their lives, their families, and their communities. When given the opportunity, women can also become part of the solution for a more just and resilient future. Today, this is your organization’s chance to become a role model for your firm’s network of stakeholders by taking the lead in sustainable procurement!

You can look forward to giving without guilt, with high-quality products that are responsibly sourced, ethically produced, and empowering underserved women across the region


If you have any other questions, please reach out to info@iixglobal.com.