Release Date: 11 November 2022


Impact Investment Exchange Pte. Ltd. (“IIX”) aims to improve sustainable livelihoods and the economic well-being of underserved communities in Vietnam, particularly women and people in disadvantaged areas, by increasing the investment readiness of targeted social impact businesses (SIBs) and sustainable micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), unlocking the flow of private commercial capital into them. To achieve this, the program will work with multiple stakeholders in the public and private sectors

A core element of the program involves the provision of basic financial training to the SIBs and MSMEs in the Vietnamese language. The mode of delivery for the training may be in-person lectures or workshops in certain provinces or through an online platform, or a combination of both. IIX reserves the right to determine the final content and mode of delivery.


IIX currently considers the following topics to be essential parts of the training program:

(A) Basic managerial finance literacy for small business owners (e.g. bookkeeping, managing cash flows, working capital, basic accounting and financial statements)

(B) Financial stability for non-profits and social impact businesses (e.g. basic nonprofit accounting, potential sources of revenue incl fundraising)

The final training content and materials will be determined by IIX.


IIX is seeking proposals from experienced training provider organizations and individual trainers to be considered for a one-year training provision contract (renewable on a yearly basis, for up to three further years). Trainers and organizations should have in-person training experience in the Vietnamese language and in Vietnamese provinces and cities.

The content of the proposals should include:

(1)  A recent (2020-2022) summary of the credentials of the individual trainer or the training organization specifically as it relates to the areas of training (A) and (B) above. Each credential should highlight the name of the client, the training topic(s), the name of the specific trainer(s) delivering the training (if delivered as part of a training organization), the year of delivery, mode (online, in-person, hybrid), and the location (i.e. name of province/ city in Vietnam)

(2)  A table of contents for existing training materials relevant to (A) and (B) above, that have been used by the trainer and training organization in prior courses

(3)  A sample of training materials relevant to the areas (A) & (B) above – this can take the form of an online link to videos or self-paced course materials, pdf or powerpoint presentations that have been used in in- person settings or other relevant media

No monetary proposal is currently required. All RFP submissions (including the sample training materials) should be in the English language and should be sent to by 24 November 2022. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted with a detailed scope of work in early December, for which a monetary proposal will be subsequently required. The selected candidate will have four weeks to tweak their materials with a plan to start the training shortly after the Tết holidays.