IIX’s commitment-to-action to the Clinton Global Initiative, the first ISB, is the Women’s Livelihood Bond (WLB)™, a US$8.5 million debt security designed to unlock capital for Impact Enterprises (IEs) and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) that are part of the sustainable livelihoods spectrum for underserved women in South-East Asia. This bond is the first tranche under the US$150 million WLB series, a series of debt securities creating sustainable livelihoods for over 3 million women and underserved communities across developing countries.

This Blueprint Paper provides an overview of the Women’s Livelihood Bond’s mechanics by outlining the key steps involved in the bond structuring process. Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, a visionary catalyst in the impact investing space, this paper will capture the work done by IIX on product, pipeline and partnership development, and bond issuance.