IIX and IIX Foundation USA believe no women should be denied health access because of financial or social barriers. We are now building on this movement to bring underserved women in the United States to the forefront of financial markets through Women’s Health Bond (WHB).

This feasibility study developed by Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), in conjunction with Medtronic Foundation, is the first phase of designing an innovative financial mechanism, the WHB, based on a systematic review of key barriers to patient-centred health care, health needs of women in the United States and investment drivers that can help scale up potential solutions. The report will lay the foundation for the second phase of the work, which entails developing a series of Bonds that are equipped to unlock new sources of investment capital to drive forward patient-centered outcomes for underserved women in the United States. The WHB series is expected to unlock US$100 million over a five-year time frame with a goal to impact 2 million women.