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IIX Raises US$2.5 Million for Indian Off-Grid Solar Company

SINGAPORE—June 2, 2017— Mera Gao Power, an off-grid solar energy enterprise based in Uttar Pradesh, India, has raised US$2.5 million in equity funding from the Insitor Impact Fund (Insitor), the ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies Initiative (ENGIE) and the Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI), with the support of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX). The funding will be used by Mera Gao Power (MGP) to expand into over 5,000 additional rural off-grid villages across Uttar Pradesh, providing over 50,000 households with access to reliable energy for the first time.

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Hong Kong-based Pacific Baby raises debt-based investment from IIX’s Impact Partners

SINGAPORE – April 20, 2017 – IIX (Impact Investment Exchange) has facilitated an investment to Hong Kong-based Pacific Baby through its Impact Partners platform. The investment represents Impact Partners’ first debt-based deal.

The debt-based investment from a group of angel investors will enable Pacific Baby to expand its business to meet consumer demand and further contribute to children’s health and the environment.

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Durreen Shahnaz Honored by the ‘Nobel Prize for Business’ for Creating a Social Capital Market

Singapore — March 28th, 2017 — Durreen Shahnaz, Founder of Singapore-based Impact Enterprise IIX (Impact Investment Exchange) and the IIX Foundation, was selected as a 2017 Business for Peace Award Honoree for her commitment to promoting an evolved form of capitalism that values both financial returns and positive social and environmental impact. IIX, through its work over the last eight years, has effectively created a social capital market in Asia, connecting investment to development and unlocking millions of dollars for high-impact enterprises, resulting in impacting over eight million lives.

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Asian impact investing firm IIX unveils a new look and goes global

SINGAPORE – FEBRUARY 8, 2017 – Singapore-based firm, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), celebrates 8 years of pioneering and growing the impact investing space through innovative finance by unveiling a new global identity with a revised logo and a new web presence at IIX’s sister organization, Shujog, will continue its groundbreaking work as the IIX Foundation and follow the main operating unit in its global expansion.

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IIX, Shujog Acts and USAID Partner to Present the Inaugural Impact Investment Trailblazer Showcase

09 December 2016, Singapore — On December 8th, the inaugural Impact Investment Trailblazer Showcase, hosted by the Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) and the Shujog ACTS program with support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID), brought together over 100 key players in the impact investment ecosystem from across the globe to reflect on the progress of impact investing and celebrate the innovative leaders within the space.

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ICCO Investments Awarded the First-Ever IIX Trailblazer Award for Their Commitment to Impact Investing

09 December 2016, Singapore — ICCO Investments, an investment initiative of the Netherlands-based ICCO Cooperation, received the first-ever IIX Trailblazer Award at the inaugural Impact Investment Trailblazer Showcase for their commitment to redefining finance and generating social impact in the global community.

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Durreen Shahnaz Honored by Asia Game Changer Award for Pioneering Work in Impact Investing

27 October 2016, New York – Durreen Shahnaz, a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur and founder of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) and Shujog, received the Asia Game Changer Award for her pioneering work in changing the game for millions through impact investing.

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IIX, Shujog and KKR Partner with Banyan Nation to Increase the Sustainability of Indian Recycling

HYDERABAD & SINGAPORE – Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), Shujog, and global investment firm KKR assisted Banyan Nation (“Banyan”) in raising US$800,000 in their first fund raise. This will enable Banyan to scale a business solution which mitigates inefficiencies in India’s waste recycling value chain through the use of technology and sustainable business practices to formalize recycling processes.

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Winning Impact Enterprises of IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge celebrated for building peace across Asia

22 October 2015 –The inaugural IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge has concluded with six winning Impact Enterprises across Asia, celebrated for building peace through innovative businesses in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines.

The six winning enterprises demonstrate a wide range of positive social impact, from generating sustainable livelihoods and fair-trade agriculture, to leveraging mobile technology that delivers access to basic healthcare and renewable energy, amongst other ripple benefits to the communities. By achieving these positive social returns, they have shown that business, innovation and technology are critical aspects in building peace and sustainable development.

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The IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge calls for enterprises to build peace through business and social impact

UNDP, N-Peace Network and Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) launched the first IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines
27 August 2015 – The IIX-N-Peace Innovation Challenge 2015 is now open for applications to encourage Impact Enterprises (IEs) to show how they are building peace through market-based solutions for development challenges. Six IEs will win the Challenge and get a chance to showcase their work at a special UNDP-hosted event in New York.

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