Sector: Clean Energy
Country: Philippines
Objective: To cut down air and noise pollution to combat climate change;
Provide better livelihood and well-being for tricycle drivers,
operator – drivers, as well as the company’s unskilled labor.


GerWeiss designs, manufactures, customizes, and sells a range of electric vehicles in the Philippines and cultivates a unique ecosystem to support the sustainability of its projects. The main product line is the electric tricycles (e-trikes). GerWeiss e-trikes run on lithium batteries thus emit zero tailpipe emission. The company improves the livelihoods of e-trike drivers by generating financial savings from fuel costs and additional income from increased efficiency as e-trikes can carry more passengers than conventional tricycles. GerWeiss also creates positive impact for the environment by cutting down harmful emissions and noise pollution.

In additional to creating positive impact for the environment and e-trike drivers, GerWeiss also has a significant impact on the income of its employees by explicitly targeting unskilled labor in the local community when hiring its staff. GerWeiss’ unskilled staff have not graduated from high school who would be unemployed and uninsured without GerWeiss.


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