Our Family Clinic


Sector: Healthcare
Country: India
Objective: To provide quality, affordable and accessible primary healthcare
through a family centered delivery model in rural areas.


Our Family Clinic (OFC) charges consultation, diagnostic, and treatment services fee at affordable rates, when compared to other private set ups in nearby areas. Further reducing the cost burden for patients, OFC prescribes generic medicine which is comparatively cheaper and has the same effect as branded medicine.

Each clinic caters to patients across all age groups and targets about 60-70 patients per day. The clinics are equipped with facilities for 24/7 doctor consultation, pharmacy services, basic diagnostic laboratory, minor surgical room, inpatient beds, facilities for emergency and trauma management, and a hotline for health related queries. The easy access and range of quality services ensures immediate treatment for emergencies and other illnesses. Patients can be stabilized before being sent for more intensive care. Improving health outcomes, this process helps to reduce direct costs and mitigates long term illnesses and/or death.


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