Steps to apply

  1. Create an account on IP 3.0 platform and fill in all the details- you can create an account for free
  2. If you don’t have an IIX Values score please make sure you get one, it’ll take less than 10 mins of your time
  3. Add your Values score to your IP 3.0 Profile
  4. Click on this application form; Add your profile link and answer the questions (2-3 basic questions about COVID resilience/emergency)
  5. We will reach out to the selected candidates with 2 weeks of the deadline
  6. Invite your community to join the PitchFest and Vote for you


  1. Impact Enterprises based in SE Asia 
  2. Should have or be willing to apply a gender lens to your solutions
  3. Have a scalable solution or existing business with growth potential
  4. Should be willing to dedicate time to prepare and participate in Pitchfest and other close door investor webinars
  5. Should have proven track record for at least 1 year in the selected area of work

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed based on the extent to which they:

  • Address at least one of the social or economic challenges.
  • Respond to the particular challenges of migrants/displaced people in the target areas, particularly women or youth.
  • Involve people from the target community in the proposal development.
  • Include pictures or videos to document the objective and process of the project development.
  • Are innovative.
  • Demonstrate the potential for the proposal’s viability and long-term sustainability.
  • Demonstrate their impact through a formulated assessment.
  • Audience voting actual day (Get your community to vote for you!)
  • What else?

Apply Now!

If your company is impacting your community in a great way through what it does, we want to hear from you!

  1. Fill in your company profile on our Impact Partners Platform
  2. Get ready your Pitch Deck

    • Introduce your organisation and its mission
    • Document through pictures/videos what social or economic challenges you are trying to tackle and how you plan to go about it
  3. Fill in the form below and submit on or before February 10, 2022


Impact Partners PitchFest will provide a platform for Impact Enterprises around the world to pitch to investors. IIX or Impact Partners team in no way promise capital investment through this program.