06 June 2013: IIX and Shujog, – two Singapore-based Social Enterprises focused on raising investment capital for Social Enterprises across Asia Pacific, is organizing Impact Forum – a gathering of professionals across the globe who are using capital markets and finance to bring about social and environmental good — at the Biopolis from 13 to 14 June 2013. This is the 5th Impact Forum and the second one in Singapore. The other Impact Forums were held in Bangladesh, India and Thailand. Themed “Investing in Inclusion”, the two-day forum will be a global gathering of investors, innovators, social entrepreneurs, and leaders from civil societies, public and private sectors.

The annual Impact Forum brings together the best minds in business, public sector and Social Enterprises to network, learn and create partnerships and tools that will establish impact investing as a central force to creating sustainable social and environmental impact globally. The Forum’s goal is to create a paradigm shift in public attitude and dialogue around creating equal opportunities for under-accessed markets, where those people and communities can move from the “base of the pyramid” to the “core of the pyramid”, and in the process, re-shape the landscape of impact investing (investments in companies that produce social, financial and/or environmental benefits) and social enterprises.

The Forum aims to push boundaries in how government, business and the social sector rethink their strategies and work together towards inclusive growth. It is a showcase of innovations, ideas, inspirations and experiences to steer the path towards greater inclusiveness.

Professor Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Laureate will deliver the keynote address for the Forum. Together with Wayne Silby and Professor Durreen Shahnaz, the three will delve into what social business and impact investing 2.0 can look like in lighting Asia’s future.

The sessions at the Forum which focus on the most essential and yet underrated sectors powering Asia’s growth and include:

  • Where Investment and Innovation Collide: Explore exciting financial innovations that are helping deliver greater investments and opportunities to create access for the poor and scale impact.
  • Healing Healthcare: In an evolving sector, where does private sector intervention help and hurt? Understand how Social Enterprises are providing an essential balance of financial sustainability and socially beneficial services.
  • Seeing the Light: What are the lessons learned for investors and social enterprises in the broader renewable energy sector?
  • Inclusive Energy Social Enterprise Showcase: Which are the most promising social enterprises bringing energy access to the poorest and remotest areas in Asia Pacific?

Other speakers at the Forum include:

  • Piyush Gupta, CEO & Director, DBS Group
  • Marina Mahathir, Writer, Activist, TV Producer
  • Waybe Silby, Founding Chair, Calvert Fund
  • Impact Forum 2013 is supported by Asian Development Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, DBS, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Kota Global Securities Inc., Kota Global Social Ventures, LLC, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Nokia, Rockefeller Foundation, Singapore Tourism Board.

About Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX):

IIX is a Social Enterprise (SEs) dedicated to creating vibrant social capital markets in Asia Pacific. It operates two capital-raising platforms tailored for SEs at various stages of growth – Impact Incubator™ and Impact Partners™. It is developing a third – Impact Capital™. These platforms showcase Asian SEs seeking growth capital to a global audience of impact investors, giving these SEs greater opportunities to scale and expand their positive impact.

IIX also develops financial products and ecosystem that will facilitate the growth of the impact investment sector in Asia Pacific. IIX is based in Singapore. More information can be found at www.asiaiix.com

About Impact Investment Shujog Limited (Shujog):

Shujog is IIX’s not-for-profit sister entity which works to equip SEs, investors, and other members of the ecosystem with the tools that will create greater accountability, transparency and insight in the SE space in Asia Pacific. Through its impact assessment, advocacy, and research work, Shujog is a leader in delivering products and services that will strengthen the impact investing market and create greater opportunities for SEs in Asia Pacific.

Shujog is based in Singapore. More information can be found at www.shujog.org.

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