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  1. IIX Founder Delivers Keynote Address at India’s Stree Shakti Awards

    Durreen Shahnaz, founder and chairperson of Impact Investment Exchange Asia, was the keynote speaker on December 12 at the Annual Stree Shakti Awards and book…

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  2. IIX Founder Durreen Shahnaz Selected as TED Fellow

    Durreen Shahnaz, the founder and chairperson of Impact Investment Exchange Asia, was named a 2010 TED Fellow  in recognition of her work with IIX. TED…

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  3. Steady Returns With Social Impact

    In today's volatile markets, investors are looking for new ways to capture returns while managing risk. The little secret of this past year's capital crisis is that while many mainstream investments incurred significant losses in value, one category remained steady--with some investors significantly outperforming the mainstream market. It's called impact investing.

  4. Brace for Impact

    The new industry of impact investment has the potential to become the best way of addressing global challenges

  5. Programme on Social Innovation and Change Presents “Measuring Social Impact” Research Project

    The Programme on Social Innovation and Change (PSIC), headed by Professor Durreen Shahnaz, introduced a research project on “Measuring Social Impact” on October 7, 2009.…

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  6. A place in society

    Sep 25th 2009 | NEW YORK From The Economist print edition You might suppose that financial innovation had done enough damage. But bankers, investors and…

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  7. IIX Asia Presents Plans for Asian Social Stock Exchange at SoCap09

    Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) introduced its plans to create Asia’s first social stock exchange at SoCap09, the pioneering global conference for the social capital…

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  8. The founding of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

    Durreen Shahnaz, with support from Rockefeller Foundation, founds IIX and conceptualizes the world’s first social stock exchange.

  9. The very beginning

    The term “Impact Investing” is coined by a small group of global thought leaders in Bellagio in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.