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  1. IIX Featured in Belgian Newspaper, “De Tijd”

    Durreen Shahnaz, IIX Founder and Chairman, was interviewed by writer Lisa de Bode for “De Tijd,” (The Times), a business and economics daily newspaper in…

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  2. Second Impact Chat at the IIX Office!

    The second official IIX Impact Chat,”Pakistan:Growth After Recovery,” was  held at the IIX Singaporean office on October 14, 2010. Featured speakers included Pakistani High Commissioner…

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  3. Durreen Shahnaz and IIX featured in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly

    Durreen Shahnaz‘s alma mater, Smith College, covers Durreen’s work with IIX in their Fall 2010 Alumane Quarterly for their “Alumane on Our Radar” feature.

  4. Durreen Shahnaz featured on 938LIVE’s “Passion People” Series

    Devika Misra of MSN’s 938LIVE’s second interview with IIX founder Durreen Shahnaz, this time for  “Passion People,” a podcast series that features inspirational figures from writers,…

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  5. IIX featured on 938LIVE’s News Analysis Podcast

    Devika Misra of MSN’s 938LIVE interviews IIX founder Durreen Shahnaz for the series “News Analysis.” “Singapore has two trading exchanges- one for stocks and shares…

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  6. IIX Presents at “Capital Markets for Social Good,” Hosted by 85 Broads

    On September 5, IIX’s Mona Sinha and Natalie Williams will present the mission and future of the Impact Investment Exchange to the Hong Kong chapter of 85…

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  7. Setting the Wheels of “Qllaboration” in Motion

    Asia IIX Founder Durreen Shahnaz, Aidha President Sarah Mavrinac, and Carbon Conservation CEO Doriee Sun participate in a conversation hosted by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate…

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  8. Ted Interview with Durreen Shahnaz

    Durreen Shahnaz, founder and chairman of Impact Investment Exchange spoke to TED about her experiences from Wall Street to Grameen Bank and what propelled her…

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  9. GSVC – Social Entrepreneurship Symposium

    Durreen Shahnaz, Founder and Chairman of Impact Investment Exchange Asia, spoke at the GSVC Symposium on 19th March in Bangkok. Click on the following link to…

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  10. Prestige Interview with Durreen Shahnaz: Power To Impact

    We expected the usual power suit, but Durreen Shahnaz, the founder and chairperson of what is to be a new stock exchange come 2011, is wearing a vegetable dyed sari instead. Its material so light and supple, it flutters in the breeze. The image is powerful. The ex-investment banker and high flying media exec turned entrepreneur is, indeed, the face of a kinder and more conscious form of capitalism. Her Singapore-based Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) — Asia’s first social stock exchange — will be a capital market for social good. It is a lofty goal, but Shahnaz has never known how to aim for anything less.