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  1. The Impact Forum tradition begins

    IIX launches Impact Forum – the first platform in Asia showcasing accomplishments in the social enterprise and impact investing industry – bringing together over 150+ delegates in Dhaka.

  2. IIX Foundation established in Singapore

    IIX establishes Shujog (now known as IIX Foundation) to support the impact enterprise landscape and develop a market for impact investing.

  3. | “We Will Take The Risks That Investors Cannot Afford To”

    A radically new form of social investment, championed by the century-old Rockefeller Foundation, the much younger Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and even financial powerhouses like Citigroup, is gaining followers. Antony Bugg-Levine, Managing Director of the US-based Rockefeller Foundation, shared with Naren Karunakaran ideas about the changing landscape of the philanthropic world.

  4. Social Enterprise in Asia: Context and Opportunities

    Asia is the birthplace of several successful and large Social Enterprises (SEs) such as Grameen Bank, BRAC and PDA. While extensively covered in the media, these entities are the exception rather than the norm. These SEs were, and some remain, lucky to receive unquestioned government and donor support. Not all the SEs in Asia is in the same position. Unfortunately most of the SEs are mid-sized; with neither have the unlimited access to capital nor the required recognition of their impactful work. At the same time, SEs in Asia operate within contexts that, while impossible to generalise across the whole region, provide some unique opportunities for growth.

  5. Rockefeller Foundation Awards Grant to Impact Investment Exchange (Asia)

    SINGAPORE – Jan. 18, 2010 – The Rockefeller Foundation has awarded a US$495,000 project support grant to Singapore-based Impact Investment Exchange (Asia) Pte. Ltd. (IIX),…

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  6. WhartonConnect Interviews IIX Founder Durreeen Shahnaz

    Durreen Shahnaz, WG’95 As Wharton’s first Bangladeshi alumna, Durreen Shahnaz, WG’95, strives to make her alma mater proud – and to make an impact as…

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  7. Social Enterprise in Asia Context and Opportunities

    Social Enterprise in Asia Context and Opportunities, 2009

    This is a paper contextualizing the efforts to develop a methodology for measuring social impact of sustainable SEs in Asia. This is written by Prof.…

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  8. IIX in the News in Italy economia della conoscenza Un mercato di buone idee Una crescita economica responsabile di Giorgio Fiorentini e Cesare Vitali* La Social Stock Exchange o Borsa…

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  9. IIX Founder Delivers Keynote Address at India’s Stree Shakti Awards

    Durreen Shahnaz, founder and chairperson of Impact Investment Exchange Asia, was the keynote speaker on December 12 at the Annual Stree Shakti Awards and book…

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  10. IIX Founder Durreen Shahnaz Selected as TED Fellow

    Durreen Shahnaz, the founder and chairperson of Impact Investment Exchange Asia, was named a 2010 TED Fellow  in recognition of her work with IIX. TED…

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