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We are PREM. We are LOVE. We are IIXers.

At IIX, we believe in living and working by a set of core values that guide our actions and decisions towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world. 
Taking inspiration from the Sanskrit word “PREM,” meaning love, these values stand for our team, who are: 
We believe that true impact can only be achieved through genuine connection, care, and understanding of the issues we are working on and the people and planet we are serving. By approaching our work with a spirit of love and compassion, we are able to create a more authentic and effective connection with the communities and climate we serve, which in turn allows us to create more meaningful and lasting impact.

Through PREM, we will ARISE

We are transforming our “prem” and translating them into tangible actions through our approach to impact investing, which we call ARISE (Actualize, Real, Impact for Sustainable Equity).
In practice, this means we are working to create positive change for the communities and climate action. We serve, particularly women, girls and LGBTQ+ in underserved communities in the Global South, through the products and services we innovate and the organizations we work with.
Through this approach of PREM and ARISE, we stand to connect the Back Streets of underserved communities to the Wall Streets of the world.


“Institutions are not built top-down but bottom up. They are animated not by instructions but instincts; human instincts. These instincts are shaped by culture. We must first know what we are, what we have inherited from our history.”

George Yeo, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore