Investing in Gender Equality.
Investing in an Inclusive, Climate-Resilient Future.
The US$50 million Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 5 will bring ”orange” and “green” into the sustainable finance market. The First Orange Bond is Issued

The Orange Bond Initiative™ is the world’s first asset class built by and for the Global South and the 99% as a solution to financing gender equality. The Initiative’s mission is to empower ~100 million women and girls worldwide through unlocking US$10 billion by 2030.

Bringing together a global set of stakeholders to develop a gender equal world

The Initiative is driven by a Steering Committee representative of those driving gender equality through their work in a variety of industries.

About the Orange Bond Initiative™

The Initiative’s name is derived from the color of United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5: Gender Equality.

Despite significant progress and research, gender inequality has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis and now some estimate it will take 130 years to eradicate the global gender gap. 

The Orange Bond Initiative™ will tap into the US$100 trillion bond market to place women at the forefront of capital markets as solutions to achieve the UN’s 17 SDGs and build a more inclusive, climate-resilient future for all.

Become a Signatory of the Orange Bond Initiative™

The Orange Bond Pledge is an acknowledgment of the urgency in accelerating gender equality and the need to take collective action to build a gender-empowered financial system for the benefit of all humanity and for a justified and effective transition to a climate-resilient planet.

*Total Signatories includes those who have signed up as an Individual and also the workforce of those signed up on behalf of an organization.

We invite all changemakers across the ecosystem to join us and contribute as part of this collaborative global Initiative. Be a part of the solution for a gender-equal future

The Orange Bond Initiative™ Objectives:

  • Building a gender-empowered financing system that works better for everyone by supporting and applying a set of global standards, indices, and performance metrics for investing in gender equality.

  • Mobilizing new sources of capital for women’s empowerment at scale by providing the tools, training, and knowledge products that enable gender lens investment product development.

  • Fast-tracking gender equality and women’s empowerment by using capital in ways that value women and girls as solutions to a more resilient, green future.

The World’s first Orange Bond, the IIX Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 5 (WLB5) successfully issued in December 2022

IIX’s US$50 million WLB5 makes history as the first bond issued in compliance with the Orange Bond Principles. The WLB5  blends “orange” and “green” themes together to empower ~300,000 women and girls across Asia and Africa to build sustainable, climate-resilient livelihoods.

What’s Happening

The Orange Bond Principles (OBP) published in October 2022 supports issuers, investors, arrangers, and approved certifiers in facilitating Orange Bond transactions. Read more about the Principles and register your interest as an Advisory Council or Approved Orange Bond Certifier.