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Solar startup Freyr raises $1.5m via Singapore crowdfunding platform – Tech in Asia

Impact Partners is operated by Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), a Singapore-based organization that seeks to link investors with social and environmental projects.

Co-founder Saurabh Marda said Freyr will use the funds to “continue improving our technology platform, increase the strength of our sales and channel partner network, and support our marketing activities to fuel future growth.” Read more.

Strength in a Sari – The Business Times

Having built the world’s first social stock exchange, particularly to benefit and empower women, Durreen Shahnaz now wants to take impact investing from the margins to the mainstream. Growing up in the throes of the Bangladesh Liberation War had a profound impact on Durreen Shahnaz from an early age. The experience of watching her country struggle to get back on its feet in its early days of independence stirred up in the former investment banker and founder of the Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) a defiance never to yield to others’ notions of what she could or could not do. Read more.

Private Capital for Change – The Economist

Our world’s top scientists spend billions of dollars every year on space exploration, searching the universe for one thing: water, considered a necessity for life. Yet on Earth, our primary source of water — the ocean — is perhaps one of the most undervalued resources on the planet. Read more.

How Women are Bringing Impact Investing to the Mainstream – Robb Report

Leaders like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink have taken notice. In his annual letter to CEOs this year, Fink wrote: “Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.” Some on Wall Street say that Fink’s message sets a tipping point for the whole investment industry. Read More.

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DBS, partner target US$100m for women’s livelihood bond programme – The Business Times

Local lender DBS Bank has returned as official banking partner and sole placement agent for the second round of a debt security listing aimed at supporting women in Asia.

DBS and Singapore-based capital firm Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) will issue a series of bonds with a target of US$100 million under the newly launched Women’s Livelihood Bond scheme, they said in a media statement on Wednesday.

The scheme will fund and support South and South-east Asian enterprises tackling financial inclusion, clean energy access and sustainable agriculture, with the goal of benefiting one million vulnerable women.

Pricing details for the bonds, which will be released in several tranches, are not yet out. The plan is to list the issuances on a stock exchange and sell them to global investors. Read More.

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IIX and KOICA Commit to Accelerate High-Impact Enterprises in Asia – Myanmar Business Today

SINGAPORE —  IIX and KOICA will jointly contribute $1.2 million USD over five years to support 18 enterprises across South and Southeast Asia, with a goal of impacting the lives of 8 million people.

IIX is a global organization dedicated to building a more inclusive world through innovative finance and support for high-impact enterprises. The Singapore based company has partnered with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to accelerate early-stage enterprises with innovative social and environmental solutions for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Durreen Shahnaz, founder and CEO of IIX, said: “The success of our accelerator model draws on our deep understanding of the pain points facing impact enterprises and investors, and our ability to bridge those gaps with end-to-end expertise across the impact ecosystem.” Read More.

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Singapore’s IIX, South Korea’s KOICA to give innovative social and environmental solutions US$1.2m boost – The Business Times

SINGAPORE’S Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) has partnered the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to support early-stage enterprises across South and South-east Asia that have innovative solutions to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IIX and the KOICA will jointly contribute US$1.2 million over five years to support these enterprises, with the aim of impacting the lives of eight million people. Read More.

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Asia emerges as a strong market for impact investing — Born2Invest

Asia is emerging as a big contributor to the global impact investing scene thanks mostly to its growing youth population.

“There’s appetite there, it’s just a question of how to tap that demand,” said Robert Kraybill. According to Financial Times, Kraybill, the Impact Investment Exchange managing director, is targeting a $100 million goal through a fundraising at the second Women’s Livelihood Bond, which will take place in the latter part of 2018.

The first Women’s Livelihood Bond occurred last year and saw one of Asia’s biggest banks, namely Singapore’s DBS, take a 60 percent purchase on the $8 million bonds offered. Read More.

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Young Asians pursue impact investing that makes profit at home — Financial Times

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Give us today our daily energy — New Indian Express

HYDERABAD: Lighting up lives may sound like a good tagline for an energy company, but Freyr Energy, a Hyderabad-headquartered full-service solar provider firm, decided to make it their largest project. One of the first large projects that the energy company took up was to set up more than 50 solar microgrids for rural tribal habitations in Andhra Pradesh. Microgrids power the entire village with sufficient battery backup for three days.

According to Impact Investment Exchange’s (IIX) Social Return on Investment Report for Freyr Energy, for every US$1 raised, US$4.62 of impact is created by the organisation.

Power translates into:
5,000+ students have access to better quality education infrastructure
10,000+ tribals/villagers have access to electricity
17,000 people in Ghana have better healthcare infrastructure
2,000+ people have reliable access to drinking water supply Read More.

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