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IIX’s YouTube Debut: October Impact Chat – “Pakistan: Growth After Recovery”

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) presents the Impact Chat series: a monthly discussion series that invites leading experts and innovators to discuss the newest developments from the social enterprise and impact investing field.

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IIX and Shujog Host Third Impact Chat

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) and Impact Investment Shujog (Shujog) opened its office doors Thursday evening, November 11th, to host its third monthly Impact Chat.

This month’s topic, “Investing for Impact” focused on the growth and challenges in the impact investing sector of Asia from the investor’s perspective.  Impact Chat invited Mr. Oscar Moreno, founder and chairman of Qi Global and Mr. Christian Luetkehaus, managing director and partner of Portelet to speak about how their social philosophies influence their investment philosophies.

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This Week’s TED Fellows Talk | Durreen Shahnaz

Earlier this year, IIX Founder Durreen Shahnaz was selected to be a 2010 Ted Fellow, joining a group of “outstanding individuals who have shown unusual accomplishment, exceptional courage and moral imagination.” At TED, the Fellows share their work on the conference stage; these talks are recorded and shared online, free to the world.

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IIX at NUS’s Social Entrepreneurship Symposium next Thursday

For more information about this event, please visit the symposium website.

Durreen Shahnaz speaks about “Defiant Optimism” at Wharton Business School

On Tuesday, November 5, IIX Founder and Chairperson Durreen Shahnaz took a break from a busy conference schedule in New York to speak at her alma mater, the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She presented the story behind IIX, and how the right combination of defiance and optimism can revolutionize how capital markets can be used for social good.

Read a recap at The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn’s undergraduate independent student newspaper: “For alum, optimists can make a profit.”

IIX Featured in Belgian Newspaper, “De Tijd”

Durreen Shahnaz, IIX Founder and Chairman, was interviewed by writer Lisa de Bode for “De Tijd,” (The Times), a business and economics daily newspaper in Belgium.

Read the English translation of the Dutch article below – another great example of how IIX is garnering attention across the world through its unique business model.

“The world’s first exchange for social enterprises will open in Singapore”
(translated by Magnus Young)

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Second Impact Chat at the IIX Office!

The second official IIX Impact Chat,”Pakistan:Growth After Recovery,” was  held at the IIX Singaporean office on October 14, 2010. Featured speakers included Pakistani High Commissioner Fauzia Mazhar Sana and Professor Mahboob Mahmood of the INSEAD School of Business.

IIX Impact Chats are a monthly discussion series focused on advancing and broadening the themes around impacting investing and social enterprise by creating a space where industry and thought leaders can come together to share their latest developments and ideas.

This month’s discussion, sponsored by Corum, focused on the rebuilding of Pakistan and the role social enterprise and innovation has taken in helping empower its people through this crisis.

Top: Durreen Shahnaz, IIX Founder and Chairman.

Bottom: Pakistani High Commissioner Fauzia Mazhar Sana and Professor Mahboob Mahmood of INSEAD.

For more photos, view the entire album on our Facebook page. All photos are property of our photographer, Sir Michael Culme-Seymour. Many thanks to MCS Lifestyle Photography for taking documenting this wonderful event for us (

Durreen Shahnaz and IIX featured in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly

Cover Photo for Smith College's feature on Durreen Shahnaz

Durreen Shahnaz‘s alma mater, Smith College, covers Durreen’s work with IIX in their Fall 2010 Alumane Quarterly for their “Alumane on Our Radar” feature.

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Durreen Shahnaz featured on 938LIVE’s “Passion People” Series

Devika Misra of MSN’s 938LIVE’s second interview with IIX founder Durreen Shahnaz, this time for  “Passion People,” a podcast series that features inspirational figures from writers, to musicians, to innovative business executives.

She understood the importance of Bangladesh’s Grameen Bank long before the world woke up to the power of micro finance. Now she is looking at financial markets once again…to make a meaningful social impact. Durreen Shahnaz is the founder of the Singapore based, Impact Investment Exchange. Its mission is to rid social enterprises of their dependence on philanthropy.

Listen to the podcast, ”Durreen Shahnaz,” here.

IIX featured on 938LIVE’s News Analysis Podcast

Devika Misra of MSN’s 938LIVE interviews IIX founder Durreen Shahnaz for the series “News Analysis.”

“Singapore has two trading exchanges- one for stocks and shares and another for commodities. But could it soon have a third platform ? One with a difference… An exchange thats not purely financial. One that aims to bring about social betterment.”