Latest Research Research and Advisory Making Finance work for Women and the Underserved in the Global South
Making Finance Work for the 99%

This three-part thought leadership series on ‘Making Finance Work for the 99%’ introduces a bottom-up, gender lens approach to emphasize the strong business case for investing in women entrepreneurs and women-focused MSMEs, taking lessons from IIX’s extensive experience in unlocking capital for impact enterprises and generating transformative change.

Primer 1: Making Finance Work for Women and the Underserved in the Global South
The first primer looks at the incentives of listening to communities, especially women on the ground, to shape better development solutions and to create meaningful impact.
Primer 2: Making Finance Work for Women-focused MSMEs in the Global South
The second primer focuses on leveraging market solutions to bridge the barriers to women’s and WMSMEs’ access to finance.
Primer 3: Making Finance Work for the Global South
Third primer casts the spotlight on the Global South, offering pathways to create sustainable value chains that work for everyone.

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