Women, Peace and Parity:
Using Finance as a Tool for Progress

Around the world, innovative finance is becoming a crucial tool for building a better future-one that is more inclusive, just, and sustainable. Pioneers across business, finance, development and public policy are innovating new solutions to age-old problems including empowering women, achieving gender equality, and promoting inclusion. How do we build markets where women, as well as their health and well-being, are represented and valued? How can finance promote peace by tackling the most pervasive inequalities in today’s’ world? How can blended capital unlock large-scale capital to accelerate change? This event is invite-only. Request your invite today!
We are pleased to announce our speakers to date. Stay tuned for more!
Mary-Ann Etiebet, Executive Director, Merck for Mothers
Mukul Pandya, Executive Director of Knowledge@Wharton
Durreen Shahnaz, CEO and Founder of IIX


6.00pm PDT


Women's Health Matters:
Closing Gender Gaps in Health Care through Innovative Finance


9.30am EDT


In the United States, awareness of the obstacles women encounter in their daily lives has brought unprecedented opportunities to enact rapid change. Nowhere is this change needed most than in women’s health, where pregnancy related mortality is on the rise and cancer is among the leading causes of death among women. Innovative finance has the potential to transform global consciousness to actionable solutions in women’s health, while putting women at the forefront of change. On 18 September, IIX organized a webinar to discuss how innovative finance can catalyze solutions to some of our toughest challenges in women’s health today. This event was supported by the Medtronic Foundation.
Our webinar speakers included:
  • Paurvi Bhatt, Vice President of Philanthropy at Medtronic, and President of Medtronic Foundation
  • Mary Manning, Division Director of Health Promotion/Chronic Disease at Minnesota Department of Health
  • Mukul Pandya, Executive Director of Knowledge@Wharton
  • Durreen Shahnaz, CEO and Founder of IIX