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14 years of serving the underserved

At IIX, we have been moving forward with the single focus of building a more equitable world as the foundation for sustainable peace. To catalyze the creation of this world, we are disrupting traditional finance — paving new paths in impact investing, reaching historically underrepresented geographies, and innovating per on-the-ground realities.

Foundation for sustainable peace

2022 Report Highlights

The Journey of an SME

IIX’s 2022 Impact Report introduces the role of our support ecosystem at every stage of an SME’s growth journey.
The Journey of an SME
The Orange Bond Initiative
Bringing it all together for Vietnam
A Diverse Workforce
IIX's 2022 Impact Report

IIX Ecosystem

IIX has pioneered an impact ecosystem to create long-lasting positive social and environmental outcomes while bridging gaps in the financial system. It practices a holistic approach, with two main pillars:
Mobilizing Capital
Mainstreaming Impact

Showcasing Our Impact

Impact Stories

Capital Raise for Kennemer Group

Capital Raise for Kennemer Group

Kennemer Group finances smallholder farmers in the sustainable agriculture sector in the Philippines, working with19,000 farmers, planted over 20 million trees, and has disbursed over US$ 6M to 1,000 farmers and agribusinesses. The group recently formed a joint venture to manage carbon credit programs and raised US$14M in its latest funding round with Impact Partner’s assistance in Aug 2022.

Impact Partner’s (IP) research

Circularity in Indonesia’s Waste Value Chain

Impact Partner’s (IP) research led to the discovery of Plastic Pay, which IP introduced to 40+ potential funding partners and expand its supply chain by connecting with local enterprises. In just a year of IP’s involvement, Plastic Pay’s revenue grew 9x to US$700,000 (from US$80,000 in 2021). By end of 2023, Plastic Pay is projected to achieve US$3M in revenue.

IIX Growth Fund for emergency support

Emergency working Capital Financing to Fuchsia Shoes  

Fuchsia Shoes approached IIX Growth Fund for emergency support to cover working capital needs. Fuchsia Shoes was able to continue operations with an IGF loan of US$200,000, providing 72 artisans with job security, higher income, annual skills training.

IIX Impact Report 2022

WLB Series: Empowering KOMIDA, empowering women

KOMIDA is one of the largest microfinance institutions in Indonesia that helps its 100% female customers with savings accounts, loans, health training, school support for their children, and family financial management. KOMIDA received US$9 million from WLB2, WLB3, and WLB4 to help over 99,000 women and their families. Its women clients have reported a 20-30% increase in income each year, enabling them to save more, invest in family development and children’s education, and grow and expand their businesses. The majority of KOMIDA’s loan portfolio (~95%) comprises individual loans provided to micro-entrepreneurs for income-generating and productive activities. Other lending purposes include housing, sanitation, education, personal consumption, and agricultural loans.

Blended finance promotion activity

Blended finance promotion activity in Indonesia

R&A assessed 17 Indonesian impact enterprises and created a roadmap for each SME to maximize financial sustainability, impact, and scale. After three stages, R&A released a project report with the support of IP, IIX Values, and WLB. The program supported 7 high-impact enterprises in mobilizing US$9.7 million and impacting the lives of ~250,000 women. This case study validates the criticality of an SME’s awareness of their own impact and ability to communicate the same to potential investors in unlocking higher gains across the value chain.

ATEC’s Impact Performance

ATEC’s Impact Performance, validated by last-mile beneficiaries

ATEC is the creator and marketer of two patented Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) clean cooking options for low-income households in Cambodia and Bangladesh. ATEC gives farmers biodigesters to create a world with ample energy and food. IIX Values helped ATEC map their impact performance to SDGs 1, 5, 7, and 12 and quantify the impact micro-indicators they met. ATEC also used IIX ValuesTM to gather 100 last-mile customer feedback to verify their effect. 81% of them said the product improves their communities, and 59% said they were satisfied with ATEC’s product, giving ATEC a 3.5 verification score.


Slide Impact enterprise “Through the IIX Impact Partners platform, I have been able to refine my pitch and present my impact enterprise in a manner that meets the impact investor’s expectations, allowing me to successfully introduce my impact enterprise to multiple global investors. Without the support of IIX Impact Partners, I wouldn’t have been able to make a such a large reach” Mr. Suhendra Setiyadi (CEO of PlasticPay) Slide Last Mile Beneficiary “A loan of US$ 680 from a WLB portfolio company helped me purchase more materials and expand my store. Due to the loan, I now earn an additional US$ 170 per month, and I am also able to save 50% of my increased income. I want to use these savings for my child's education and ensure that my daughter graduates from college. This is my 11th loan from the portfolio company, and I plan to take more loans in the future to further grow my business.” Angela, a microfinance borrower in Indonesia Slide Partner “IIX has pioneered a unique financial structure that effectively balances risk, returns, and impact. The DFC anticipates the WLB5 will revolutionize capital markets by placing women at the forefront of solutions to achieve a more inclusive, climate-resilient future for all.” James Polan, DFC Vice President, Development Credit Slide Employee “It is rewarding to work at IIX knowing that our work is reaching and making a true difference to those who need it. Being able to collaborate with like-minded colleagues is equally inspiring, as is learning from more experienced mentors who are willing to give their time to teach and share knowledge.“ Eliza Cheah, Research and Advisory - Brunei

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