Impact Investing Landscape of Vietnam

The “Impact Investing Landscape of Vietnam” report is an extensive market analysis conducted by IIX between July and December 2022 as a component of the Impact Investing Readiness in Vietnam (IIRV) project, funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). This study aimed to assess and map out the present condition of the impact investing industry in Vietnam, employing a proactive strategy to steer its development from 2023 to 2027 through strategic interventions under the IIRV project. These measures are designed to strengthen the impact investment framework, expand Social Impact Businesses (SIBs), promote gender equality, and support sectors including agriculture, health, education, clean technology, and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, their objective is to improve the entire ecosystem for impact investing and stimulate the flow of private investment.

This market analysis aims to provide comprehensive insights into Vietnam’s impact investing landscape, examining the national and local levels. The study will provide a robust foundation of evidence to inform the project’s initiatives and address the needs of critical stakeholders, such as GAC and other Vietnamese government ministries. The IIRV initiative intends to promote inclusive economic growth and social development in Vietnam, focusing on assisting vulnerable and neglected populations. This will be achieved by increasing the amount of private money directed towards SIBs.