Impact Accelerator

Impact Accelerator is designed to expedite the growth of budding Impact Enterprises in South and Southeast Asia.

We partner with stakeholders to conduct Impact Accelerators across Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Each Impact Accelerator is customized to maximize effectiveness in different geography and industry.

Why Accelerate?

Slide Mentorship (Advisory Services and Technical Assistance) Helping you become Investor Ready Equipping you with the skills necessary to make powerful investor pitches As an Entrepreneur, Impact Accelerator can help you through: Are you looking to expand and grow the scale of your Impact Enterprise? Investors Slide Impact Accelerator is looking for investors – private individuals, foundations, family offices, institutions and corporations – who are interested in investing in some of the most innovative early-stage Impact Enterprises (IEs) across South and Southeast Asia As an Investor, Impact Accelerator can help you through: Fund the next Impact Enterprise aligned with your beliefs Funds can come in the form of: Grants or Investments with stakeholder-ship and returns on investments Entrepreneurs

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Meet Our Winners from the
2015 Impact Accelerator in the Philippines


ANTHILL Fabric Gallery employs indigenous, rural and urban communities to transform traditional Philippines weaves into contemporary wear and accessories.

Hiraya water

Hiraya Water Solutions, Inc. is a pioneering water enterprise that innovated an advanced pressure management system called R-TAP to match local demand while reducing water waste.



Kapwa Greens harvests and markets premium herbal tea while empowering underprivileged women through employment.

sidlak pinoy


Sidlakpinoy, Inc. uses an innovative social franchising model to promote environmentally-friendly firebricks from silt for low-cost construction.



I can make the machines to suit the demand. But to do so, I need the funds. With my engagement with IIX, I’ve learned people are interested, people in Singapore, people outside of the Philippines; people are interested in what I’m doing and that has made me more confident that I can expand my business and social impact.

Emmanuel Alkuino, Sidlakpinoy

The seed investment of Impact Accelerator came at the time when we needed it most. It was the key for Kapwa Greens to finally establish its own plant facility; with this investment, we are now capable of executing large-scale, quality- assured production for institutional buyers. We are able to integrate the value chain from farming, tea processing to packaging, which lowered our production costs and creates more job for our community beneficiaries.

Jamir Ocampo, CEO & President of Kapwa Greens

The program has been really instrumental in pushing us to act fast and grow fast. We learned how Hiraya could very well grow both business and impact simultaneously.

Stephen Larcia, CEO of Hiraya Water Solutions

Our mentors have made us value our business and impact more by helping us think about things that really matter in business – cash flow, human resource capacity, systems, and marketing – that will prepare us for bigger opportunities.

Anya Lim, Co-Founder of Anthill Fabric Gallery