Impact Academy

The first stop to understanding how every individual and organization can contribute to creating sustainable, positive social change through impact investing.

Learning Objectives

Introduce new tools, methodologies and best practices being developed and deployed globally within an Asian context

Equip participants with a solid understanding of their role in growing Impact Enterprises and the impact investing space

Enable participants to apply case studies that foster the growth of practical solutions in pursuit of sustainable development

Empower public, private and non-profit sector leaders with a toolset to create or help create, sustainable, positive impact

To date, IIX have conducted over 25 impact academies and have trained over 500 individuals from public, private and the third sector in impact assessment, investment readiness, innovative finance, investment mechanisms — to name a few

Impact Investing 101
Impact Investing — Global perspective
Impact Measurement
Investment readiness
How to invest?
Innovative Finance
Social Enterpreneurship
Social Intrapenuership
CSR and Impact Investing
Impact Investing landscape in Asia
From Philanthropy to Impact Investing


Impact Academy provides customized training courses for Corporate Partners and Industry Professionals seeking to explore the Impact Ecosystem and how they can be a part of it.

Selected Past Impact Academies

peace_and_Equity_FoundationExpert practitioners of the Peace and Equity Foundation attended a 2-day workshop introducing the global impact investing movement, and latest developments in Asia. Participants discussed local opportunities for financial institutions, foundations, non-profits and social enterprises in the Philippines to benefit from the growth of this third space.

UBS logo

IIX and IIX Foundation’s, formerly known as Shujog, first overseas Impact Academy was presented in partnership with UBS in Hong Kong. Participants learned about different methodologies and their applications in impact measurement, tailored to organization size, mission, funding status and sources. Moreover, they learned how to create frameworks for performance tracking and strategic management, while others sought credible measures of their impact for marketing and fundraising purposes.


IIX and IIX Foundation, formerly known as Shujog, conducted a training academy as part of a three month incubation program organized by AIM with tailored support services and training on impact effectiveness, innovation and sustainability.

SC Pte Bank

IIX and IIX Foundation, formerly known as Shujog, created a customized curriculum to introduce impact investing to participants of Standard Chartered’s Wealth Master Program. This one-day workshop included discussions on impact investing, the social enterprise landscape in Asia, and an immersive visit to an award-winning enterprise – Dignity Kitchen – where participants met and spoke with the founder and CEO.

The Course

Courses are tailored to suit every need, where you can choose from a variety of modules that are packaged in 1, 3 or 5 modules to meet your learning objectives.

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