SINGAPORE, 25 September 2020 – IIX, a global leader in innovative finance and sustainable investing — is building on a decade of experience in impact measurement to launch IIX Values— the world’s first impact verification solution for every type of organization, whether they are for-profit or non-profit, social enterprise, funds or corporations. Grounded in over 60,000 data points from more than 360 companies working across 46 countries, the impact verification solution will not only identify, measure, and verify the value created by every company, it will also give customers the power to verify the positive impacts brought about in their lives.

IIX CEO and Founder, Durreen Shahnaz, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated social and economic inequalities. At the same time, there are rising concerns for “sustainability washing” or “pandemic washing” where dollars deployed may reinforce rather than reduce inequalities. Now more than ever, the world needs sustainable investing to be transparent and responsive. Building on ten years of experience, IIX Valuesis our solution to bring a new level of democratization to financial markets. This is a historic opportunity for everyone, enterprises and consumers to move the needle in creating a sustainable economy and an inclusive future where everyone’s voice has a value.”

Verifying impact remains a challenge for sustainable businesses and investors. While 98% of sustainable investors conduct impact assessments, only 20% of these assessments involve the end customers or other beneficiaries and stakeholders. Existing ‘verification’ solutions are based on self-reporting or review of investor documentation, which remains blind to the real impact that may or may not be happening on the ground. While other technology-driven impact assessment approaches speak directly to those whose lives are improved by the delivered impact, IIX Valuestakes it to the next level by not only listening to the communities, but the conscious consumers who can drive deeper impact, as well as every stakeholder in the eco-system.

IIX Valuesbridges the gap as the market’s only impact verification solution that provides information across risk, return and impact parameters. By verifying impact data beyond the self-reported information from businesses, IIX Valuescreates a robust database of real-time information that can be used to drive impact more effectively. More importantly, the solution takes into account customer feedback, which

directly influences the organization’s impact and risk score, giving a value to the voices of the underserved communities, especially women whose voices have been marginalized.

In 2020, IIX ValuesTM was successfully piloted to assess the impact created across the portfolio of the Women’s Livelihood Bond 2. The Women’s Livelihood Bond 2 is a multi-country, multi-sector debt security that includes a portfolio of borrowers working with underserved women in developing and emerging markets. By verifying data via mobile phone from a random sample of few hundred women across the portfolio of borrowers, IIX was able to continue hearing from the voices of underserved women even during the COVID-19 pandemic. This data was used in the semi-annual investor reporting for investors including Nuveen, Blue Orchard and ResponsAbility, providing them with standardized, outcome-based customer impact metrics across an entire portfolio.

About IIX: Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) is the pioneer in impact investing and the global leader in sustainability. We have transformed the financial system so that women, the environment and underserved communities are finally given a value and a voice in the global market. Over the past decade, we have built the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for impact investing (Impact Partners), created innovative financial products such as the Women’s Livelihood Bond Series, digitized our impact assessment to effectively measure and value the impact of an enterprise on people and planet through IIX Values, operated award-winning enterprise technical assistance programs such as IIX ACTS, and established an Impact Institute for training and education. To date, our work has spanned 46 countries, unlocked close to US$200 million of private sector capital and positively impacted over 80 million direct and household lives. IIX has received numerous awards for its work including the Oslo Business for Peace Award, the ‘Nobel Prize for Business.’ You can find out more about IIX here.

About IIX Values™: IIX Valuesis a digital and data-driven solution built on a decade of experience for enterprises to identify, measure and analyze their impact. Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, the global platform brings value to every company while allowing consumers to align their dollar with their values. With IIX Values™, consumers can maximize their social and environmental impact too by nominating companies or brands of their choice to have their impact verified.