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IIX Intelligence™

Discover the future of sustainable finance with IIX Intelligence™.
This groundbreaking platform transcends traditional data analysis, leveraging data to advance equity, inclusivity, and informed decision-making.


IIX Intelligence™, fueled by 15 years of IIX Values™, is a pioneering impact analytics platform that seamlessly integrates, evaluates, and benchmarks data from sustainable micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It provides invaluable insights into gender diversity, climate action, ESG standards, and community risk management. 

Enter the dynamic world of sustainable finance, prioritizing inclusion and empowerment:

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Who Should Use IIX Intelligence™

IIX Intelligence™ is transforming our approach to data analysis by providing deep insights into various sectors in the Global South. This innovative platform is designed to benefit a wide range of ecosystem players—from investors and policymakers to MSMEs. By facilitating access to crucial data, IIX Intelligence™ enables these stakeholders to make well-informed decisions that drive sustainable finance. Whether assessing investment opportunities, planning growth strategies, or exploring new markets, users can leverage this powerful tool to enhance their impact in developing regions.

Powered by IIX Values™

Revolutionizing the way we view data, IIX Intelligence™ leverages data from IIX Values™, our impact verification tool that helps organizations measure, monitor, and magnify their positive social and environmental impact. With access to a robust database of real-time information, IIX Intelligence™ allows users to drive more meaningful impact effectively down to the last mile.

IIX Intelligence™ Whitepaper

Our whitepaper delves into the transformative power of data in reshaping perspectives on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and their indispensable role in global economies. This scrutiny unveils IIX Intelligence™ as a guiding light for informed decision-making and a paragon of transparency. Subsequent sections explore practical dimensions of IIX Intelligence™, including user experience, data reliability, and alignment with industry standards. Dive into our whitepaper to witness how IIX Intelligence™ aggregates data about MSMEs from across the globe.