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Today’s world recognizes that philanthropy alone does not have the capacity to achieve sustainable development across the globe. As a result, members of the public, private and philanthropic sector are coming together to expand the resources that are available to address today’s most pressing social and environmental issues. Impact investing, now over US$114 billion in market size, plays a crucial role in this movement and has transformed traditional business models and financial equations to generate both financial value alongside social and environmental returns.

Join the IIX Impact Institute to gain the skills and expertise necessary to play a catalytic role in this movement. Become an impact leader in your community!

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Current and Future Courses

IIX Impact Institute Online Short Course: ‘Introduction to Impact Investing and Innovative Finance’

This self-paced two-week course will help you navigate the impact investing landscape effectively and understand the crucial role that finance plays in driving global sustainable development. In week one you will learn about the impact investing landscape, how it grew into what it is today and where it is headed tomorrow. In week two you will learn how innovative financial structures and products hold the key to connecting the most marginalized communities and causes to capital markets. At the end of this course you will emerge with a deepened understanding of impact investing and be better equipped to engage as a thought-leader in innovative finance.

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Previous Courses

Spring 2017 Executive Certificate Program: ‘Fundamentals of Impact Investing: A View from the Field’

Gain advanced knowledge and practical insights of the impact investing space in order to improve your organization’s financial sustainably, scale your impact, and become a leader in the field through this 14-week executive certificate program for mid- to high-level professionals. After completing 13 online modules instructed by world-class academics and practitioners, the program concludes with a one-week in-person immersion component in Singapore where the students participate in group work, develop connections with international coursemates, and participate in an on-site impact assessment with an impact enterprise.

A structured training program taught by Impact Investing practitioners and thought-leaders

Certified program – participants who achieve a certain minimum score in their course will receive an official certificate from the Institute

Opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and Impact Investing practitioners

Immersion week featuring an on-site impact assessment field experience

Meet The Instructors

Durreen Shahnaz
Durreen Shahnaz
Founder, IIX & Shujog
Former Adjunct Associate Professor
at National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore
Robert Kraybill
Robert Kraybill
Managing Director, IIX
Former Adjunct Professor at Singapore Management University, Singapore
Antony Bugg-Levine
Antony Bugg-Levine
CEO, Nonprofit Finance Fund
Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia Business School, USA
Alex Nicholls
Alex Nicholls
Professor, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Edward Hartman
Co-founder, LegalZoom
Lecturer at Yale Law School and Stanford Law School, USA

Meet the IIXII Alumni

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“I would recommend this course as crucial to any individual striving to lead in the impact investment space. The course challenged my preconceptions and previously gained knowledge on the sector, and encouraged me to think critically about how we achieve maximum impact. IIXII allowed me to learn about the space from multiple perspectives (e.g. from an enterprise, from an investor, from an intermediary point of view).

Adam Searle, Oxford University

“I was so glad to be part of this inaugural program and learn directly from experts—better than any book on the topic could ever be! The learning was practical and directly applicable.”

Anusha Answani, Head Foundation

IIXII was a great learning experience which has significantly enhanced my understanding of the impact investing world. The 14-week journey with the best team of professors, and with rich academic and field experience has given me the confidence to apply the learning to my work.”

Deepali Khanna, Rockefeller Foundation

For more details, contact us at  impactinstitute@iixglobal.com