IIX Growth Fund

Accelerating Inclusive Growth in Emerging and Frontier Markets in South and Southeast Asia

Filling a Crucial Funding Gap

In Asia, the demand from high-impact enterprises for investment far exceeds the supply of capital. Currently, only 19% of the world’s active private equity and venture capital impact funds across the world target the region, with majority of these funds focusing on India. Many frontier economies of Asia are brimming with innovative, high-impact enterprises in need of capital to scale their businesses and, as a result, their impact on society and the environment. The IIX Growth Fund is an effective solution to fill this gap and accelerate inclusive growth in Asia’s frontier markets.

Optimizing the Impact of Capital

IGF’s mission and themes are closely aligned with the SDGs. The fund aims to mobilize US$50 million of investment capital, resulting in the following:

  • Impacting over 8 million lives across Asia, 5 million of which will be women
  • Avoiding almost 1 million tons of CO2 emissions
  • Delivering affordable healthcare to over 4 million people
  • Over 2 Million people gaining access to clean energy

Investment Strategy


IGF invests in Impact Enterprises in the early growth and scale up stages. Investment sizes will vary from US$250,000 to US$5 million and will primarily take the form of equity or quasi-equity. IGF provides active post-investment support to portfolio companies. All investments include pre-agreed social or environmental impact targets. Impact considerations will inform the Fund’s decisions throughout – from investment selection to exit.


IGF is strategically well placed to leverage IIX’s track record in capital placement and investment advisory in the impact sector including a unique proprietary impact enterprise pipeline, strong local networks in its target countries, experience in evaluating and assessing impact, and deep relationships with large VC / PE funds / family offices and institutions in the region.

For more information on the IGF, get in touch with us at iixgrowthfund@iixglobal.com