IIX Charter

Our vision is to connect the back streets to the Wall Streets of the world through innovative, equitable solutions and to impact over 500 million lives by 2030. IIX’s mission is to create an inclusive financial system where women, the environment and disadvantaged communities are valued and have a voice.

We believe in measuring our success in terms of our IMPACT—the change we are creating in the financial system, the capital we are mobilizing to the back streets and the impact investment ecosystem that we are nurturing.


IIX pursues its mission by unlocking capital for women, disadvantaged communities and the environment in innovative and effective ways.

IIX builds an effective ecosystem through collaboration and empowerment of all the related parties that helps ensure the integrity of that system.

IIX engages in the broader conversation of impact investing and safeguarding deep impact.


IIX’s operations reflect its values

IIX creates deep impact through its capital raising platforms, its products and its impact assessment.

IIX seeks to deepen impact by working with high-impact organizations to catalyze their growth.

IIX looks to bring women to the front and center of all its work.

IIX focuses on sustainability – financial, operational and cultural.


IIX believes in an innovative, inclusive and equitable world

IIX translates its belief in innovation, inclusion and equity into action through its work and the work of IIX Foundation. IIX Foundation provides many channels to generate value for women, empowering women through self-expression, creativity and the arts.


IIX Beliefs and Principals We Live By

1.  Creating an Equitable World

  • We obsess over the end beneficiaries to make sure they are a part of the financial system

  • We think BIG – We CAN and We ARE changing the world one SROI at a time

  • We are the LEADERS of the impact investing space and we need to continuously nurture, grow and push the space

  • We are sustainable and inclusive in all aspects of our work – financial, operational and cultural

2. Creating an Inclusive Community

  • PASSION to do good unites us

  • DIVERSITY in our community makes us rich in soul

  • We believe everyone has the capacity and ability to create and do good

  • We will continuously work towards refining an ecosystem that embraces all

3. Taking charge of creating change

  • We INNOVATE and we are not scared of it

  • We INNOVATE but we are also practical in our implementation

  • We believe in and thrive in creating change that benefits women, disadvantaged communities and the environment

  • We have GRIT and we persevere

4. Embracing new challenges

  • We are CURIOUS and we want to learn — always

  • We are bold and courageous – we can take on any new challenge

  • We are RISK-TAKERS and encourage others to take risk as well for the sake of deeper impact

  • We are curious, and our curiosity leads us to create new solutions

  • We have growth mindsets and work towards the best versions of ourselves and empower others to do the same.

5. Pursuing standards of excellence

  • We insist on the highest standards

  • We pride ourselves as being trustworthy and treating every stakeholder with integrity and respect

  • We are OWNERS and we act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just our own team. We never say “that’s not my job”

  • We hire and develop the best talent

  • We work with appropriate urgency

  • We strive to be leaders and help our colleagues be leaders as well

  • We work with integrity and pride

  • We strive to be the BEST