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IIX’s Investor Advisory Services offer comprehensive services to Impact Investors, including identifying impact investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, and managing transaction execution. Using proprietary data, local industry analytics and innovative financial structuring, IIX is able to add tremendous value as consultants and execution partners.

To date, IIX has closed 23 investment deals across Asia in sectors including health, energy, water, education, livelihoods and agriculture.

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IIX also works with NGOs and INGOs to transform their grant funded projects into financially sustainable entities. To enable this transition towards a SE model, IIX provides services ranging from evaluating impact, restructuring operational strategy and creating investment readiness. Moving towards a self-sufficient, market-driven model allows NGOs to achieve a wider development impact, greater value for money and a broader reach.

IIX’s Financial Sustainability Program

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IIX’s Technical Assistance (TA) program enables Social Enterprises (SE) and Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to scale impact and raise capital to reach the next stage of growth by providing end-to-end investment readiness services:

  • Strategic Review and Needs Assessment
  • Enhancing Business Plan
  • Refining Financial Model
  • Developing an Impact Assessment Framework
  • Providing Tailored One-to-One Mentorship
  • Preparing an Investor Pitch
  • Structuring of Investment Terms
  • Connecting SEs to Impact Investors

IIX’s End-to-End Technical Assistance Services

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IIX provides support to Corporates and Inclusive Businesses to help them translate social value into shareholder value via a two-pronged approach:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Analytics:
    IIX effectively aligns financial performance with positive social and environmental impact by helping companies to implement sustainable strategies, create inclusive value chains and comply with green supply chain standards.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Services:
    IIX helps corporates formulate a proactive, metrics-focused CSR strategy, leveraging its expertise in creating social value to develop a roadmap to design interventions that maximize impact on stakeholders and create a clear alignment with the organization’s core mission.
  • IIX Sustainable Supply Chain Framework


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IIX assists Donors, INGOs and Foundations to finance change and to change finance by leveraging its expertise in designing innovative financial mechanisms that mobilize additional private sector capital to complement existing efforts to drive forward the global development agenda.

IIX Financial Structuring work aims to effectively:

  • Unlock private sector capital to achieve social and environmental outcomes
  • Deploy existing mission-oriented capital in more scalable and sustainable ways
  • Mobilize Impact Investment capital by generating demonstrable social value over and above financial returns

IIX’s Innovative Financial Mechanisms

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