IIX’s innovative programs ACTS and AIMS enable impact enterprises to overcome key growth challenges and raise much needed capital so that they can scale and impact more lives.

Assistance for Capacity-Building & Technical Services
Accelerating Impact through Mentorship and Support


ACTS (Assistance for Capacity-building and Technical Services)


Currently many Impact Enterprises (IEs) operate on a small scale, but most have the potential to expand and bring about greater social benefit.

IEs improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable across Asia- Pacific. Acting as a catalyst for the IE sector, ACTS uses a unique blended finance model to maximize grant funding to unlock private capital investment for IEs, helping them magnify their impact.

Ready to Scale?

Do you create innovative solutions that improve the lives of the poor and the vulnerable in Asia? Do you want to expand your business?

ACTS recognizes your need for growth capital. This program can help you become investment-ready, scale your business, and impact even more lives.

Partner Today

In our pursuit to grow the impact investing ecosystem in Asia, we partner with experienced specialist advisors.

Do you have a proven track record of delivering investment readiness services to small and medium enterprises and/or impact enterprises in Asia? And existing relationships with impact investors?


Today, there are many accelerator programs to equip IEs with technical assistance, but they lack sustainability and success with capital raise. There are three unique elements to ACTS:

  • First, it provides technical assistance and investment readiness services to IEs so they are ready to raise capital
  • Second, ACTS uses a revolving credit facility which maximizes the use of a grant because repayment from participating IEs are channeled to benefit more IEs
  • Third, ACTS leverages on a unique blended finance model, which combines grant funding from the public sector with upfront fees from IEs and interest free loans for services to spur private investment.

AIMS (Accelerating Impact through Mentorship and Support)


Impact Enterprises (IEs) bring innovative solutions to some of our toughest social and environmental problems, and have the potential to expand and benefit vulnerable communities across Asia. However, IEs face several challenges – from business support to market access – in growing their business and impact.

The Solution

AIMS bridges the IEs’ key growth gaps and drives impact by tapping on corporate partners’ expertise, know-how, and networks to solve their most pressing problems. At the same time, corporate employees are challenged to apply their skills and business/sector expertise in a different context, drive learning and innovative thinking, while aligning with the Corporate Partner’s CSR agenda.

The Program

IIX works with Corporate Partners to identify social issues that align to their strategic priorities, and to match employee skill sets to the needs of selected IEs. Corporate Partners and IEs receive a pre-training program, leading up to a one-day curated workshop that facilitates solution-oriented engagement. Post-workshop measurement, reporting and marketing materials are provided to the Corporate Partner, with the opportunity to integrate sustainable development products into the Partners’ supply chain.

Partner Today

Are you interested in driving innovation and entrepreneurship among employees and the next generation of change makers? Are you seeking to align your company values and CSR program to the Sustainable Development Goals?  Become a corporate partner with AIMS to achieve measurable social and environmental impact for Asia’s most vulnerable communities.


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