With a new norm ahead of us–one defined by global interdependence against the backdrop of climate emergencies and the COVID-19 pandemic–it’s more important than ever that conscious investors play a role in the path forward. The failure of the COP26 summit where world leaders could not put aside their own interests to act for the good of the world showed that it’s up to each individual to take action to build a resilient future for everyone.

Impact investing can progress the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations adopted Agenda 2030 in 2015 as an ambitious universal agenda to address the world’s most pressing problems. The UN describes the Global Goals as the “World’s To-Do List” to ensure that humankind progresses together toward an equitable and sustainable future where no vulnerable groups are left behind.

“A core feature of the SDGs is their strong focus on means of implementation—the mobilization of financial resources—capacity-building and technology, as well as data and institutions.”

[United Nations Global Goals]

With the right impact investment, you commit your dollar to creating a positive impact while providing returns on your investment. The rising environmental and social consciousness of investors is growing evidence for the resilience dividend in the markets. Not only are consumers demanding accountability for business practices in what they buy, but for several years, climate change has also been topping the charts of what the next generation of consumers is concerned about.

Investors have not lagged behind with a growing demand for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) taking precedence in 2021. Reuters reported a record $649 billion invested into ESG-focused funds worldwide in 2021.

Climate disasters and the onset of the pandemic are responsible for what some people call the sustainability disruption—where embracing risk and innovating solutions demand inclusivity versus considering financial benefits alone.

But what does this mean for your next investment?

Good risk management is good impact management

If investors, businesses, donors, and ecosystem actors want to drive transformational change, they need to re-assess how they view and manage risk through a framework that goes beyond the traditional binary risk-return approach. The new norm will require us, enterprises and investors, to make financial, operational, and commercial decisions through a more holistic Risk-Return-Impact approach.

IIX has been working with a proprietary Risk-Return-Impact (RRI) framework for over a decade, and it has played a key part in our innovations unlocking over US $233M in private sector capital by showing investors how investing in enterprises with a focus on impact reduces the risk profile of their portfolio and creates real verified impact.

Our approach leverages on the ground data and analytics to provide businesses and investors with comparative, standardized information so that they can create risk mitigation strategies, make capital allocation decisions, and more effectively and transparently drive capital towards where it is needed the most. We’ve now digitized this framework so it is accessible online through IIX Values for anyone to use, and so that it can be deployed quickly and effectively.

What’s Next?

If you’re an investor committed to making a difference and progressing the SDGs, there are ways to put your dollar to work. Access the next generation of impact enterprises that are vetted, investor-ready, and on track to deliver verified impact objectives targetted to move the needle on the Global Goals.

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Impact Partners 3.0 is an innovative, FinTech crowdfunding platform by IIX Impact Partners integrating digital impact assessment with data analysis for the first time. Having unlocked US$ 233M in capital for impact since 2008, Impact Partners 3.0 is democratizing capital flows by providing data-driven matchmaking to deliver investment solutions for enterprises and investors alike.