SINGAPORE – April 20, 2017 – IIX (Impact Investment Exchange) has facilitated an investment to Hong Kong-based Pacific Baby through its Impact Partners platform. The investment represents Impact Partners’ first debt-based deal.

The debt-based investment from a group of angel investors will enable Pacific Baby to expand its business to meet consumer demand and further contribute to children’s health and the environment.

“We were very fortunate and pleased to work with IIX in the completion of our fund raising exercise. IIX understood our needs completely, and were very helpful in finalizing our proposed structure and putting us in touch with the right kind of progressive sustainable impact investors. We would be delighted to work with IIX again should the need ever arise.” Cameron Honarvar, Founder, Pacific Baby LimitedBaby feeding is a US$5 billion industry, and over 90% of baby feeding products are made from petroleum-based plastic. This plastic is linked with many health problems in humans, and especially in babies, as the chemicals leach into food and cause hormonal disruptions and other diseases. Pacific Baby tackles this problem by producing bamboo-based and steel-based feeding products, which are plastic-free, safe for children, and good for the environment. Pacific Baby products can be found in over 30 countries, with strong distribution in the US and China, including Walmart, Amazon, Taobao and Mothercare.

Impact Partners is the world’s largest private placement platform for impact investing. Over 30 deals have been closed on the platform. All the deals so far have been equity investments. This first debt-based deal on the platform has been structured on an innovative revenue-linked returns model, offering investors an upside on their investment as the company grows, that is significantly higher than traditional debt models.

Robert Kraybill, Managing Director of IIX, elaborates: “We are thrilled to introduce debt-linked deals on the Impact Partners platform and to have assisted Pacific Baby in its latest round of capital raising. We will be offering more lending opportunities on the Impact Partners platform in order to meet the working capital needs of the rapidly growing impact enterprises that we serve. We also view lending as a great way for first-time impact investors to get involved as they have good visibility that their investment will be paid back within a relatively short timeframe.”

The Impact Partners Platform is open to accredited investors from around the world. More information can be accessed at or

About IIX
IIX is a Singapore-based impact enterprise that bridges the gap between finance and development, carving out third space for global social and environmental solutions by unlocking investment capital. As a pioneer of impact investing, IIX builds pathways to connect the Wall Streets of the world with the backstreets of underserved communities. IIX platforms and innovative financial products enable impact enterprises to accelerate their business and positive impact, while pushing the impact investing space from the margins to the mainstream. To date, the work of IIX has spanned 20 countries and continues to expand with the mission of improving 100 million lives by 2020.
About Impact Partners
Impact Partners is a private platform that connects Impact Investors with a select group of pre-screened Impact Enterprises seeking investment capital.
About Pacific Baby
Pacific Baby was established in 2010 in Hong Kong and is a social and environmental impact driven company, producing a range of natural and recyclable baby feeding items.

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