HYDERABAD: Lighting up lives may sound like a good tagline for an energy company, but Freyr Energy, a Hyderabad-headquartered full-service solar provider firm, decided to make it their largest project. One of the first large projects that the energy company took up was to set up more than 50 solar microgrids for rural tribal habitations in Andhra Pradesh. Microgrids power the entire village with sufficient battery backup for three days.

According to Impact Investment Exchange’s (IIX) Social Return on Investment Report for Freyr Energy, for every US$1 raised, US$4.62 of impact is created by the organisation.

Power translates into:
5,000+ students have access to better quality education infrastructure
10,000+ tribals/villagers have access to electricity
17,000 people in Ghana have better healthcare infrastructure
2,000+ people have reliable access to drinking water supply Read More.