Impact Investment Trailblazer Showcase

Organized by IIX and IIX Foundation, formerly known as Shujog, under the Shujog ACTS program with the support of USAID, this year’s Impact Investment Trailblazer Showcase brought together over 100 impact investors, as well as a diverse spectrum of players from the finance, corporate, public and entrepreneurial fields. The showcase features some of the most exciting, scalable and high-impact enterprises in Asia as well as discuss some of the most important rising trends in the field of impact investment. Additionally, we awarded one especially innovative and impactful group with the first-ever IIX Trailblazer Award for their commitment to impact investment.

Impact Chat

Impact Chat features trailblazers and highlights insights in the social innovation and impact investing space.

Mingle with like-minded individuals at our cosy Impact Chats, where where a small group of people share their diverse thoughts and perspectives on current and pressing social issues. As a quarterly affair, these chats will see social innovators present ideas on making ideas a reality for how to generate social good.

Impact Forum

Impact Forum gathers the brightest minds in the impact investing sector, bringing together global leaders, stakeholders and influencers to exchange ideas, strengthen social finance, and collaborate for greater impact in their communities.

Since 2011, we have connected investors, entrepreneurs, foundations and beneficiaries to share insights on impact investing for sustainable solutions to global challenges.