Environmental Sustainability Strategy for Vietnamese Social Impact Businesses and Sustainable MSMEs

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) was created for Vietnamese Social Impact Businesses and Sustainable Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as a part of the Impact Investing Readiness in Vietnam (IIRV) Project. The project was sponsored by GAC and implemented by IIX. The ESS includes three different approaches to achieving environmental sustainability: 

  1. The IIX Values Framework categorizes environmental activities such as risk mitigation, climate adaptation, transformation, negative externalities reduction, resource conservation, and efficiency. 
  2. Impact Assessment tool helps firms measure SDG contributions nationally and by industry sector using IIX Values data. 
  3. GAC’s 5-step risk management cycle includes risk monitoring for complete, proactive, and systematic risk analysis, management, and communication. Strategic planning and environmental sustainability goals benefit from this approach.

Furthermore, this research examines answers and interventions that are both comprehensive and interconnected. These strategies are designed to help impact businesses achieve their targeted impact goals while also enhancing their financial stability and operational capabilities.