IIX Intelligence™, IIX’s cutting-edge impact analytics and AI tool, is poised to transform sustainable finance when it launches on May 9, 2024. Designed to address the significant data gap in sustainable finance for impactful MSMEs, this platform empowers stakeholders by providing real-time, verified data crucial for driving sustainable growth and investment.

Over the past 15 years, IIX has been at the forefront of financial innovation, mobilizing over US$454 million and positively impacting more than 160 million lives—particularly women, girls, and gender minorities. These achievements underscore our commitment and capability. Now, IIX is excited to unveil the powerful data that drives initiatives. Powered by IIX Values™, IIX Intelligence aggregates, quantifies, and benchmarks crucial data from sustainable MSMEs. This platform offers unparalleled insights into gender diversity, climate action, ESG compliance, and community risk mitigation, making it the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ for the sustainable sector.

The Essential Role of IIX Intelligence™

In a financial landscape dominated by sustainability data from large entities, the absence of robust data for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has been a critical barrier preventing MSMEs from being in the financial markets. MSMEs are pivotal for sustainable development yet often overlooked by traditional financial players due to a lack of data. IIX Intelligence™ fills this void by collecting, collating, and analyzing impact data from MSMEs to value their operations while empowering the stakeholders, investors, and policymakers with tools to make informed, impactful decisions. Specifically, this platform will provide MSMEs the visibility and insights they need to attract sustainable investments and drive their growth.

A Vision for the Future

“Today marks a significant leap forward in our journey,” stated Prof. Durreen Shahnaz, Founder and CEO of IIX. “With IIX Intelligence™, we are not just reflecting on 15 years of leadership in impact investing through measuring and valuing social and environmental impact in the financial market while propelling forward into a future where sustainable finance is accessible to all. This platform is the ‘Bloomberg terminal of impact investing.’ Our commitment is to harness data’s power to democratize finance and empower a global network to drive transformative change.”

Launch Event: Dive Deeper into Data-Driven Decisions

We invite you to join our webinar, “Sustainable Futures: Introducing IIX Intelligence for Data-Driven Decisions,” scheduled for May 9, 2024, at 4 PM SGT or 9 AM EST. This event will feature live demonstrations, interactive sessions with our team, and an exploration of the trends shaping the future of sustainable finance through data analytics.

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Empowering Stakeholders Through Tailored Insights

IIX Intelligence™ effectively leverages data visualization and artificial intelligence to curate a personalized and insightful journey for users to explore the vital role of MSMEs in the global economy from an impact lens. The platform’s robust algorithms and advanced analytics capture user preferences and deliver the most pertinent information and tools tailored to specific needs:

    • For Investors and Financial Institutions: Equips them with comprehensive assessments and comparative data analytics to enhance the sustainability and impact of their portfolios, directing capital towards transformative investments.
    • Policymakers: Provides in-depth context into the MSME impact landscape based on last-mile data, supporting the development of effective policies and initiatives that amplify the contributions of these enterprises. 
    • MSMEs: Offers market data-driven benchmarks to measure performance, attract investments, and refine operational strategies, thus elevating their profile within the investment community.
    • Ecosystem enablers: Delivers essential narratives on global and country-level progress from primary data sources to foster knowledge building, capacity enhancement, and expanding global connectivity.

Unwavering Commitment to Data Integrity and Global Standards

By maintaining high data integrity standards and adhering to international sustainability frameworks, such as the UN SDGs, GRI, and Equator Principles, IIX Intelligence™ ensures that every stakeholder can make well-informed, data-driven decisions considering diverse and intersectional impacts.

Technological Excellence at the Forefront

IIX Intelligence™ transforms stakeholder engagement with sustainable finance data through its advanced technological framework that merges quantitative data and qualitative analysis. This integration enriches the data narrative, giving users a deeper, contextual understanding of sustainability journeys. Through intuitive visualizations and interactive experiences, stakeholders are not just viewing data but engaging with a dynamic resource that enables real-time insight and action.

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