Cover Photo for Smith College's feature on Durreen Shahnaz

Durreen Shahnaz‘s alma mater, Smith College, covers Durreen’s work with IIX in their Fall 2010 Alumane Quarterly for their “Alumane on Our Radar” feature.

An excerpt from her interview:

Q: Given your focus on disadvantaged communities, why not start a more direct-service organization? Why do it through a social stock exchange?

DS: There is room for charities in the world, but I am interested in sustainable development, thus the interest in social enterprises – for-profit or not-for-profit companies focused on a social mission with a market orientation. They need to be able to attract investments for which they can give a return, and really show they can be financially viable as well.

Check out the full story, “Trading Up: Dureen Shahnaz ’89 creates Asia’s first socially responsible stock exchange” and flip the page for her interview.