Dr. Jong Nam Oh is a Senior Advisor at Kim & Chang, one of the most renowned law firms in Asia. He is Chair of the Board of Scranton Women’s Leadership Center and Chair of the Audit Committee of Standard Chartered Bank Korea, and also Professor Emeritus of Science & Policy Advanced Research Course (SPARC) at Seoul National University (SNU). Dr. Oh completed his term as the first Korean Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in October 2006 and joined Kim & Chang thereafter. Prior to joining Kim & Chang, he served the Korean government for more than 30 years (1975-2006), working mostly at the Economic Planning Board and later at the Ministry of Finance and Economy. Dr. Oh also worked in the Office of the President as Economic Secretary to the President during Kim, Dae-jung administration. From February 2002 through September 2004, he was Commissioner of the Statistics Korea. He served as Executive Director of UNICEF Korea from Feb 2013 through March 2015. He also served on the Board of Korea Housing Finance Corporation, GM Korea, Samsung Securities, etc. Dr. Oh has written several books such as “Koreans, Your Future” and “Prepare for Retirement and the Next 30 Years Thereafter.” He earned his Bachelor of Law degree from Seoul National University in Korea and Ph.D. in Economics and MBA from Southern Methodist University USA.