COVID Resilience Community Resources

Building COVID Resilience Together

We’re in this together. To build a more inclusive, COVID-resilient future, we’re sharing resources, best practices, and other opportunities from across our network –  over 50,000 impact stakeholders around the world. Reach out to us to share your resource today at

Pivoting in the New Norm: IIX COVID-Resilience Webinar Series

The post-coronavirus economy is here to stay – so how do we embrace risk, innovate, and drive social and financial returns in this new era? Based on feedback and demand from hundreds of businesses, IIX has launched the COVID-Resilience Webinar Series to help you pivot to survive in the new norm. Stay tuned for the next webinar by signing up to our newsletter here.

IIX COVID-Resilience Toolkit for Businesses

How COVID-resilient is your organization? To help you determine your resilience, we have developed a simple COVID Resilience Tool. Join hundreds of SMEs and businesses across 46 countries in getting immediate tips on how to navigate the coming downturn, and how to improve your results.  Get started here.

Miller Center Crisis Management Resources

This page contains links to resources on business resilience and disaster recovery. As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship stands ready to help social enterprises navigate the significant challenges they are facing. Learn more here.

Next Billion: COVID Resources for Social Impact Sector

At NextBillion, our mission is to deliver actionable information and analysis to serve the development through enterprise space. To advance that goal, we’ve launched this resource page to keep our readers informed about emerging opportunities, trends, events and other developments that can help impact-focused businesses and initiatives weather these challenging are leveraging the power of finance to address the world’s biggest challenges. Learn more here.

GIIN Covid-19 Resources

How are impact investors demonstrating their leadership and taking tangible steps to change the course of this pandemic? GIIN members and strategic partners around the world are leveraging the power of finance to address the world’s biggest challenges. Learn more here.

“Resilience in a Box” disaster planning resources for businesses via the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

The Resilience in a Box program is a collaborative partnership between the UPS Foundation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit Workgroup. Learn more here.

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