IIX Chapters are a global initiative run by local leaders to connect the backstreets of our communities with the Wall Streets of the world through impact investing. Together, IIX Chapters will explore the positive relationship between financial profit and positive impact by creating local communities of professionals across sectors that collaborate to achieve sustainable development and equitable growth in their cities.

sustainable solutions to
financing the SDGs in your

your potential as players in the
impact investing movement by
unlocking capital for
sustainable development

with professionals across
sectors and geographies to
build the impact investing ecosystem

about rising trends and recent
breakthroughs in the sector

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Become an IIX Chapter Member

If you are motivated to advance the impact investing space in your area but don’t see a chapter listed in your region, why not found one?

Who Can Join?

Impact investing requires a diverse set of players from the private, public and philanthropic sectors in order to effectively create change and drive progress for the sustainable development goals. Thus, professionals from all sectors are invited to join an IIX Chapter and collaborate with fellow members of this interdisciplinary network. We also welcome post-graduate students to join existing IIX Chapters or to create local IIX Chapters within their universities.

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