SHE IS MORE Charity Auction Partners

Despite unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic this year, we are thrilled to have been joined by some amazing partners in mobilizing youth to celebrate the courage of women through art. We’re proud to have the support of amazing, renowned brands spearheading this initiative, from Founding Partner Japan Airlines to Crazy Rich Asians and Miss Universe jeweller, Mouawad, to global sustainability brand, beCuriou!

Japan Airlines (JAL) is a founding partner of SHE IS MORE, showing support for gender equality for two years in a row. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability. (

Mouawad, a prestigious diamond house, is proud to continue its partnership with SHE IS MORE, as a reflection of Mouawad’s values to support women’s empowerment and uniting to create a better world. Mouawad believes in celebrating women for their strength, power, and courage, knowing that not only are they the ones that nurture us throughout our lives but also they are the key drivers of positive change in the world. Learn about their exquisite jewelry and luxury items here. (

beCuriou, a global partner for bespoke quality travel experiences and impact travel – is bringing the world to your doorsteps through inspiring travel packages. Do good while staying sane. Lock in your post-COVID travel plans while helping underserved women. Learn about their work here with individual and group travel (

Green Cross is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Nobel Peace Prize Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993, focused on promoting environmental and social sustainable development through the design and implementation of initiatives and programmes. Our flagship Programme is “CPSI” – Climate Positive Sustainable Infrastructure – which why we are promoting SHE IS MORE whose youth art competition allows us to help encourage young people to use their talent to contribute to a more sustainable environment and foster a world with more gender equality. We are joined in this endeavour by our Emeritus DirectorsÁlvaro Suárez Vértiz y Antonio Calderón de Jesús who, over and above their roles on the judging jury, are giving personal classes as prizes in order to help us achieve this goal. Learn about Green Cross United Kingdom here. (


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