The Impact World this Week: 9 May 2024 – Pioneer Post

Your quick guide to the most interesting news snippets about social enterprise, impact investment and mission-driven business around the world from the Pioneers Post team. This week: blended finance deals rebound after 10-year low, why philanthropy must adopt futures thinking, and a frothy campaign from social enterprise Hubbub.

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Empowering global change: IIX Intelligence launches sustainable finance data analytics – Dhaka Tribune

IIX Intelligence, IIX’s cutting-edge impact analytics and AI tool, is poised to transform sustainable finance when it launches on Thursday.

Designed to address the significant data gap in sustainable finance for impactful MSMEs, this platform empowers stakeholders by providing real-time, verified data crucial for driving sustainable growth and investment.

Logo of IIX Intelligence. Photo: Collected

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Q&A with Prof. Durreen Shahnaz, IIX CEO: Equality Bonds Transforming Lives and Markets – Korea IT Times

The World Economic Forum reports that at the current rate, it will take 135.6 years to close the global gender gap. Meanwhile, ongoing wars and conflicts are exacerbating humanitarian needs and economic instability, with many developing countries struggling to return to pre-pandemic growth levels, according to the World Bank. In such turbulent times, how does one emerge as an effective leader?


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Harnessing Women’s Potential for an “Orange” and Sustainable Future – SustainabilityX

Unlocking the Power of Women in Climate Change Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow: Thought Leadership by #SustXGlobal50 Awardee Durreen Shahnaz, CEO & Founder, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), Singapore

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Analysis: How IIX’s WLB6 Orange Bond Helps Women’s Livelihoods in Asia – Next Billion

In a growing regional trend, December 2023 saw the sixth issuance of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)’s Women’s Livelihood Bond (WLB) Series, the $100 million Women’s Livelihood Bond 6 (WLB6).

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Empowering Global Change: IIX Intelligence™ Launches as Your New Gateway to Sustainable Finance Data Analytics

IIX Intelligence™, IIX’s cutting-edge impact analytics and AI tool, is poised to transform sustainable finance when it launches on May 9, 2024. Designed to address the significant data gap in sustainable finance for impactful MSMEs, this platform empowers stakeholders by providing real-time, verified data crucial for driving sustainable growth and investment.

Over the past 15 years, IIX has been at the forefront of financial innovation, mobilizing over US$454 million and positively impacting more than 160 million lives—particularly women, girls, and gender minorities. These achievements underscore our commitment and capability. Now, IIX is excited to unveil the powerful data that drives initiatives. Powered by IIX Values™, IIX Intelligence aggregates, quantifies, and benchmarks crucial data from sustainable MSMEs. This platform offers unparalleled insights into gender diversity, climate action, ESG compliance, and community risk mitigation, making it the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ for the sustainable sector.

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Gender lens investing cuts risk and boosts returns – IMD

340 million women and girls are set to be living in extreme poverty by 2030, if nothing changes. Moving capital towards the pursuit of gender equity could positively impact financial returns, business, and society. It’s time for asset managers to wake up to new opportunities.

When it comes to establishing gender equality by the current UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target date of 2030, the world is failing: 340 million women and girls are forecast to live in extreme poverty at the end of that time horizon, and one in four will endure food insecurity.

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Zero Gap Fund-Backed Investee Impact Investment Exchange Announces Maturation of Women’s Livelihood Bond 2 – The Rockefeller Foundation

IIX’s WLB2 is one of 12 investments in the Zero Gap Fund, an impact investing collaboration between The Rockefeller Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Singapore | January 16, 2024 — Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)’s Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 2 (WLB2), Asia-Pacific’s multi-country, multi-sector Orange Bond has fully matured. This milestone marks the completion of a US$12 million issuance with a 4-year tenure and a 4% coupon, qualifying as both an Orange Bond and ICMA Social Bond. Aligned with 12 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, WLB2 has significantly empowered the sustainable livelihoods of over 250,000 underserved women and girls across Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

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IIX facilitates $500,000 funding for Detech Coffee – Vietnam Investment Review

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), a trailblazer in the global impact investing movement, announced the successful mobilisation of $500,000 for Detech Coffee on January 15, thanks to its partnership with Incofin, a major global impact investment firm headquartered in Belgium.

Detech Coffee is a successful women-owned and operated enterprise in northern Vietnam and is renowned for its sustainable and certified Arabica coffee production and collaboration with ethnic minorities. The $500,000 fund via debt investment boosts its working capital and production volume.

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APG hunts impact and returns in gender equity and climate action SDGs – Top 1000 Funds

A recent investment by APG, the €517 billion Dutch asset manager, in a Woman’s Livelihood Bond that provides access to capital for women entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa provides a compelling alternative to emerging market corporate and sovereign debt or DFI issuance.

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