SINGAPORE – FEBRUARY 8, 2017 – Singapore-based firm, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), celebrates 8 years of pioneering and growing the impact investing space through innovative finance by unveiling a new global identity with a revised logo and a new web presence at IIX’s sister organization, Shujog, will continue its groundbreaking work as the IIX Foundation and follow the main operating unit in its global expansion.

“IIX represents courage and optimism. This company, since day one, has envisioned a future where we can bring finance and development together to sustainably improve livelihoods and protect the environment. For almost a decade, we have boldly led the way for a global social capital market— going so far as to create Asia’s first social stock exchange in collaboration with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. With the impact investing movement growing at a rapid pace, it is now time for IIX to expand its unique approach around the globe and to refresh our brand with a new look that celebrates our success over the years and reflects our optimism in bringing more of the people and planet into impact investing. Looking forward, it is our duty and ambition to leverage our strong brand equity to impact 100 million lives by 2020,” said IIX’s Founder, Durreen Shahnaz.

The new logo’s three petals are deeply symbolic. First, they reflect the harmony impact investing strives to create between finance and development, with the largest petal in the middle representing the growing field of impact investing. The three petals also represent IIX’s three pillars— women’s empowerment, community resilience, and climate action— and their resemblance of water droplets signifies the ripple effect that impact investing can have on the world. The color gradient within the shapes also represents the convergence of development and finance as well as IIX’s integration across all core sectors.

IIX upholds its three pillars by supporting innovative impact enterprises that work across a range of sectors, from clean energy to sustainable agriculture. The firm’s holistic, hands-on approach to impact investing goes beyond capital raise to help companies enhance efficiency, maximize impact, and strengthen financial viability through its various programs. To date, the work of IIX has spanned 20 countries, impacting the lives of over 8 million people.

Shahnaz elaborates: “What is so unique about IIX is its community focus. IIX not only values the work of impact enterprises but also is whole-heartedly committed to helping the community of people behind the companies reach their utmost potential. On a larger scale, IIX’s community focus drives us to create opportunities for everyone to participate in the impact investing ecosystem— whether an investor, entrepreneur, policy-maker, academic, or traditional professional. We are very excited to bring new partners into the impact investing space and collaborate to create equitable capital markets for all. Our new identity is a symbol of the many exciting developments to come!”

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About IIX 

IIX bridges the gap between finance and development, carving out third space for global social and environmental solutions by unlocking investment capital. As a pioneer of impact investing, we build pathways to connect the Wall Streets of the world with the backstreets of underserved communities. Our platforms and innovative financial products enable impact enterprises to accelerate their business and positive impact, while pushing the impact investing space from the margins to the mainstream.     

IIX Foundation: IIX Foundation focuses primarily on program management of grant-funded projects. With IIX Foundation’s flagship program IIX ACTS, we support early and growth stage enterprises to raise capital so that they can thrive, grow, and impact more lives. In addition, IIX Foundation creates opportunities for blended capital to leverage philanthropy funding to unlock investment capital.


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