Apprenticeships with IIX

We are now inviting applications for the IIX Summer Apprenticeship Program 2021. The summer apprenticeships program will run from 18 May 2021 to 6 August 2021 for 12 weeks. 

In view of the current ongoing global pandemic, IIX is also open to accepting apprentices working remotely from their place of residence. We hope to provide a meaningful work experience for all young professionals even if the world is in a lock-down.

About an apprenticeship with IIX:

You will join a highly effective team that provides you with an un-paralleled hands-on exposure to the Impact Investing and Social Finance space. You will thrive in applying finance and economic principles to tackle development issues and excel in creating solutions using structured strategies and innovative programs that address and solve the world’s most pressing problems, from food security to inclusive finance to clean energy.  You will become a global development leader who has a passion for international development and you will get involved in work that makes a difference.


When you join IIX, you embark on 12 rewarding summer weeks where we are heavily invested in your professional development, as we will build on your strengths and help you gain new skills with training, encouragement and guidance in the right direction. The work experience at IIX is a value addition to advance your career, providing you invaluable exposure to the rapidly growing impact investing space.


With the knowledge gained at IIX, you will WANT to instigate change.


Thus, as a successful apprentice, you should be:

  • Mission driven: Commitment to social finance and impact investing as a path to unlock society’s potential to effect social change is essential for a happy and successful tenure at IIX.
  • Results oriented: At IIX, we manage toward impact maximization and produce measurable returns. These results strengthen the ecosystem and transform existing realities by helping impact enterprises magnify their impact and scale.
  • Resourceful: While IIX is a seasoned stakeholder in the impact enterprise and impact investing space in Asia, we pride ourselves on creating new opportunities. Being resourceful and skilled at mobilizing human, financial and political resources to achieve IIX’s mission is a key part of the role.


Some of our clients include foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Foundation, corporations such as Standard Chartered Bank and KKR, international non-profits such as Oxfam and World Vision, multilateral institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, UN Agencies such as UNDP, and government agencies such as USAID and Sida.


About the IIX Apprenticeship Program:


  1. Overview

As an apprentice, you will learn about our businesses, develop important relationships, and build career-enhancing skills. While your discipline or major is not important, we’re looking for students with an outstanding record of academic achievement and an interest in changing the world by changing the financial markets.

A financial background is not necessary. Your area or major of concentration is less important to us than your potential. Whether you’ve distinguished yourself in economics or history, the next phase of your career will be shaped by your passion, energy and vision. We encourage you to apply, provided you share an interest in connecting the back streets with wall streets, and have demonstrated strong academic performance and professional drive.

  1. The Experience

We provide our new apprentices with the tools necessary for professional growth and career advancement. As a new apprentice, you will learn a great deal about the firm and how we do business and about the whole sector. You will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to support our businesses.

As part of the Summer Program, you will receive formal training followed by department-specific training. You will also receive ongoing training, based on your specific skill needs and interests, to bolster your professional development through learning in the workplace. There will be targeted skills enhancement workshops, discussions and team based projects apart from the daily and ad-hoc tasks. There will also be field visits to Singapore-based social enterprises.

The IIX Summer Program is based in the Singapore headquarters. We will provide a small stipend for food & local transport. The apprenticeship program is an intensive program where all apprentices will be participating as a core member of each team. Selected apprentices may also get field experience to support our work in South and Southeast Asia. An apprenticeship at IIX can open the doors for you to join the IIX team full time if you perform exceptionally well. Some of our full-time staff have gone on to study at top Business Schools for their post-graduate studies, for example at Yale, Georgetown, INSEAD, Columbia SIPA among others.

The IIX Summer Apprentice Program will run from 18 May 2021 to 6 August 2021 for a total of 12 weeks.

Application Process

Interested candidates can submit their application at Please note all accepted Summer Associates/Analysts will be working across teams as needed.


  • You are welcome to send in your applications for apprenticeships between 18 May 2021 and 6 August 2021.
  • Short listed candidates will be required to complete a test and interview with at least one IIX team member. All offers will be made by 5 February 2021.
  • Eligibility: Students who have completed their 3rd year of Bachelor’s degree (rising seniors) and MBA/Master’s/ Ph.D students are welcome to apply
  • Submit your latest resume, cover letter highlighting clear motivation to work in Impact Investing space in the long term, your university/college transcripts indicating your current GPA score, along with a writing sample.
  • Due to Covid restrictions and limited openings on the summer program, local students in Singapore will be offered a chance to work in the Singapore office. Students outside of Singapore may be considered for a remote-based internship. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and you are highly encouraged to submit your applications as early as possible.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be notified of their selection. If you don’t hear back from us within 3 weeks of applying, it means your application was not shortlisted. Additionally, you can also follow up with us after 3 weeks of applying, on the status of your application.


You may highlight in your application which core team you prefer to work with. However the final decision to assign the team will be based on our assessment of your application.

Impact Partners

Conduct social enterprise and investor outreach including direct engagement with investors, high-net worth individuals and banks. Assess and guide social enterprises to be investor-ready and manage their capital raising process. This work includes financial modelling and analysis, process management and building trusted relationships.

Growth & Innovation

Cultivate important relationships and initiatives that will result in strategic partnerships with IIX. This team focuses on developing and marketing IIX’s products and services to fulfill needs in the social enterprise and impact investment community. Conduct research and analysis of impact enterprises and the impact investing space, including country-wide, sector-specific or ecosystem-targeted research and broader policy perspectives. Our research culminates in published reports that are widely disseminated.

Innovative Finance

Support the structuring of pooled credit vehicles and contribute to IIX’s other areas of work.  The team performs credit analysis, provides financial analysis and full credit reports on selected impact enterprises and micro-finance institutions and assist in raising and structuring credit facilities and/or investment capital for IEs and MFIs through participation in the transaction process.

Advocacy & Knowledgement Management

Build strategic messaging and initiatives that promote the impact investing and social enterprise space in Asia. Work closely across both IIX and IIX Foundation to build cohesive and compelling stories of how social capital markets influence sustainable development.

IIX Growth Fund

IGF’s summer program focuses on pipeline building and exploring investment opportunities in the selected countries and sectors. The apprentice will support the team’s activities in target markets, assist to conduct investment research and due diligence activities as well as support the team’s fund raising efforts.

What Do Our Past Summer Apprentices Say About Us?

“I felt everyone was very open and approachable whenever I had any questions. I had a great supervisor and working with them on the IIX Growth Fund was an amazing learning experience which gave me a lot of exposure to funds and how they work.”

Brian Costa, Princeton University

“I had a very fruitful apprenticeship with IIX and the corporate finance team. The internal workshops like financial modelling and impact assessment broadened my knowledge base and honed my business analysis skills. I also gained valuable insights about impact investing space which culminates in tangible results. My supervisor and team members were very supportive and I highly recommend this apprenticeship to all students.”

Jeremy Soh, National University of Singapore

“Working with the impact assessment team has been a great learning curve for me and it has opened my eyes to the challenges that impact enterprises face and the hopes, faith and value the impact community and the teams of IIX have for the future. Working with Durreen has been inspirational and her life journey has taught me the most important lesson: If you believe in something, you have to fight for it.”

Bao Tran, Amherst College

“The most significant learning for me in the apprenticeship was importance of measuring impact and how to use SROI as a guide to do so, also learning about the gaps in the social enterprise ecosystem that IIX aim to fill through impact credit. This apprenticeship was excellent, very well structured and designed to maximize the learning experience of apprentices.”

Maija Fiorante, Brown University