Anti-Human Trafficking Compliance Plan

Pursuant to the terms of U.S. Government’s updated anti-trafficking regulations, specifically, FAR 52.222-50, Combating Trafficking in Persons, IIX’s employees and agents, as well as its subcontractors and sub-awardees and their employees and agents, are forbidden to:

  • Recruit, harbor, transport, provide, or obtain persons, through the use of force, fraud, and/or coercion, and subject any person to involuntary servitude; and/or procure commercial sex acts from any person;
  • Procure any sex act in exchange for anything of value and/or of perceived value;
  • Use forced labor in the performance of a contract, cooperative agreement, or sub-award;
  • Deny any employee access to his/her identity or immigration documents;
  • Use misleading or fraudulent practices during the recruitment of any employee(s) and/or the offer of employment;
  • Use recruiters who violate US and/or the applicable labor laws where the recruitment occurs;
  • Charge employee(s) recruitment fees;
  • Withhold or fail to provide and/or pay the cost for an employee’s return transportation upon the end of his/her employment (for employees who are not local nationals of the host/cooperating country where the work occurs and who traveled to the host/cooperating country to work on a project contract, subcontract, cooperative agreement, or sub-award). Note that this is not applicable to Singapore-based employees;
  • Provide or arrange housing that fails to meet the host/cooperating country housing and safety standards (if IIX provides or arranges for the employee’s housing); and/or
  • Fail to provide an employment and/or recruitment agreement, or other required work documents in writing as required by applicable US or local law or the contract, cooperative agreement, or subaward.

IIX employees are expected to report any credible information of violations of this policy. IIX employees are also required to complete annual anti-human trafficking awareness training. The purpose of this training is capacity building and furthering awareness of employees on relevant issues relating to the subject matter. The training will be carried out through methods such as, but not limited to, online training or in-person training.

IIX Employee:

  • Shall immediately inform their supervisor via written correspondence if they become aware of credible information of human trafficking.
  • May report suspected or actual human trafficking activities to IIX by calling +65 6221 7051 or via email to
  • May also report their concerns through the Global Human Trafficking Hotline by calling +1-844-888-FREE or via email to

Under 10 U.S.C. §2408, IIX employees can be confident that they may comply with their responsibility to report suspected instances of human trafficking in good faith, without fear of retaliation, and subject to protection from reprisal for whistleblowing on trafficking in persons violations, or any activity that violates the contract clause or cooperative agreement standard provision.

IIX Employee are not permitted to use recruiters who charge recruitment fees to potential employees.Wages must meet requirements of the host country.

Furthermore, as required by law and/or the project contract or agreement, an employee’s work document (employment contract, recruitment offer, or other required work documents) shall be in a language the employee understands; and

As required by law and/or the project contract or agreement, an employee’s work document(s) will include details such as a work/position description, wages, prohibition on charging recruitment fees, work location(s), living accommodation(s) and associated costs (if applicable), time off, roundtrip transportation arrangements (if applicable), grievance process, and the content of the applicable laws, regulations, and IIX’s policies which prohibit the trafficking in persons and the use of forced labor.