Women’s Health Initiative

The vision of gender equity in health remains an unfinished agenda. The time has come to hear our voices and to take a stand that Women’s Health Matters. Join the movement to empower women to take health into their own hands and give voice to how health care is delivered and how health outcomes are measured.

Learn more about how innovative finance can catalyze solutions to women's health and get involved today

Feasibility Study

Conducted by IIX and supported by the Medtronic Foundation, the study demonstrates a new patient-centered model for financing, measuring and driving solutions to women’s health

Impact Assessment Guidelines

Complementing IIX’s innovative financial mechanism, the Women’s Health Bond, the guidelines link investment in healthcare and the creation of patient-centered outcomes with a focus on women

Impact Assessment Toolkit

The toolkit facilitates upfront measurement and ongoing monitoring of patient-centered outcomes for healthcare providers, funders and investors

Download our Feasibility Study Files

Endorse the Principles for Advancing Women's Health

I endorse the Principles for Advancing Women’s Health led by the IIX Foundation to drive innovative health solutions that are patient-centered, inclusive, and affordable.

Advancing Women's Health

Everyone can play a role in supporting Advancing Women's Health led by the IIX Foundation to drive innovative health solutions that are patient-centered, inclusive, and affordable. Sign the petition now to show your support!

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To advance women’s health, we must commit to care that is...


Placing the patient at the very forefront, providing care that is respectful of and responsive to patient preferences, needs and values


Shift from reactive healthcare to one that emphasizes prevention, early detection and reduced delays between diagnosis and treatment

Focused on Positive Outcomes

Focus on value of care created by rewarding positive outcomes instead of penalizing non-performance