In recent years, economies around the world have grown significantly while adopting a sustainability agenda, as evident in the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and more recently, the World Economic Forum’s Davos Manifesto 2020. With this growing momentum, both investors and enterprises have become increasingly aware of the need for impact measurement as part of long-term value creation (UNDP, 2021).

Since 2006, various tools for impact and environmental, social and governance (ESG) assessments have been proposed to provide organizations. Despite considerable progress, barriers to adequate impact and ESG assessments continue to persist. Particularly in Asia, IIX has identified three main gaps in the existing impact measurement practices:

  1. A lack of region-specific data, analysis, and verification of impact and ESG performance in Asia.
  2. Existing solutions do not meet the needs and demands of SMEs. 
  3. Impact measurement tools are not fit-for-purpose for SMEs in Asia.

Furthermore, in the context of COVID-19, measuring social and environmental impact up to the last mile is critical to ensure relief, recovery, and resilience efforts for enterprises and communities are effective.

With such challenges, the right assessment tool can provide valuable information needed to decide where immediate contributions are most needed and are best positioned to deliver, pivot operations across sectors and populations if necessary, and set and execute on priorities for longer-term recovery. 

In response to this,  IIX Values™, a digital, data-driven impact assessment, and verification solution are designed to address these fundamental bottlenecks for the region and to reflect the rich diversity of its stakeholders in an explicit and empowering manner. This is done through its cost transparency and affordability, region-specific data, new features, and innovative technology to meet your impact needs. 

To date, IIX Values™ has hosted 600+ registered companies across 56 countries, collected 45,000+ data points, and enabled 2,300+ last-mile beneficiary voices to be heard.

In a period of high needs and high uncertainty, the capacity to rapidly and systematically respond to the needs for impact measurement is crucial for enterprises and organizations to build back better. 

Read our latest report to learn how IIX Values™ helps SMEs better assess, verify and communicate their impact.

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