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  2. Covid-19 pushes surge in sustainable deals – The Asset

    Another interesting deal printed in 2020 was the US$12 million women’s livelihood bond for WLB Asset II Pte Limited, the proceeds of which were utilized…

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  3. Opportunities for Sustainable Investing and Philanthropy in Southeast Asia

    Amidst the growing Sustainable Investing and Philanthropy movement in Southeast Asia, sustainable investors and venture philanthropists alike seek to better understand the state of entrepreneurship and development ecosystem in the region. In this report, IIX provides Omidyar Network with a thorough landscape mapping of Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, surrounding the themes of innovation, impact investing and philanthropy. Alongside this, vertical analyses of key sectors such as financial inclusion, mobile internet, education, property rights, and governance and civic engagement are also explored. To learn more, contact IIX for further information.

  4. Financing Gender Equal Green Growth in Indonesia

    Closing the gender gap could add US$28 trillion in global GDP over 10 years – more than enough to close the climate finance gap. Yet money, or the lack of it, gets in the way of the gender dividend. To help bridge this gap, this report offers a closer look at innovative financing solutions that can scale investment in enterprises that are driving progress in gender equality and climate resilience in the context of Indonesia. To learn more, contact IIX for further information.

  5. Social Finance Roadmap for Malaysia

    Over the last five decades, Malaysia has enjoyed one of the highest economic growth records in Asia despite a multitude of challenges and economic shocks. However, there is still much to be achieved as large-scale social and environmental problems that strain the economy still persist. As such, catalyzing the Social Finance ecosystem will not only position Malaysia as a regional leader in the Sustainable Investing space, but also catapult Malaysia towards being an advanced economy and an inclusive nation that redefines capitalism. IIX has developed a Roadmap for Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) to use as a decision making tool that will act as the cornerstone of its larger initiative to catalyze the space. The Roadmap will be aligned with Malaysia's broader socio-economic agenda with an objective to mobilizing additional resources, capital and expertise from a diverse array of stakeholders to complement existing development efforts and positions AIM at the vanguard of the Social Finance movement in and beyond Asia. To learn more, contact IIX for further information.

  6. Screening of key Asian Impact Investment Funds

    Commissioned by Telenor, IIX conducted a thorough mapping of socially focused funds operating in Asia, in the mobile internet sector. IIX profiled 49 funds and engaged in a thorough analysis of which funds fit with Telenor's investment criteria and target demographic.  To learn more, contact IIX for further information.

  7. Designing Effective Social Enterprises in the Food Sector: A Case Study

    This case study focuses on the growth challenges of a Singapore-based Social Enterprise, Social Food Inc. (SFI), that teaches food preparation skills to Persons With Disabilities to integrate them into the workforce. Supported by the Singapore Tote Board, IIX explores the adaptation of a strategy of vertical integration in SFI's business model. To learn more, contact IIX for further information.

  8. High Impact Investment Opportunities in Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism

    As the sustainable investing movement grows in the Pacific, Pacific RISE and IIX aims to pioneer and facilitate the nascent market with this Scoping Report that investigates the high-impact SME landscape among three sectors (agriculture, fisheries and eco-tourism) in the Pacific. Partnering with Australian Business Volunteers (ABV), we identify and build capacity for SMEs deemed suitable to attract investments.

  9. 3 Cases of Innovative Financing Mechanisms in Asia

    This paper explores 3 case studies on innovative financial mechanisms that are designed to use grant funding to create positive impact, particularly with a gender lens. In support of Sasakawa Peace Foundation, IIX provides a deep comparative analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the grant support utilized in each mechanism in achieving its intended impact on its target beneficiaries. The case studies within this report include the IIX Accelerator for Customized Technical Assistance (IIX ACTS), the SEAF Women's Opportunity Fund (SWOF), and the Utkrisht Impact Bond (UIB).

  10. Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investments in South East Asia

    SMEs in the agriculture sector have the potential to act as powerful forces for women's economic empowerment. However, many enterprises lack the necessary tools to make informed decisions about how best to strengthen women leadership, participation, and other social benefits. Within this sector, there is a subset of organizations termed Social Enterprises (SE) and refer to organizations that use business methods to create social/environmental impact in poor or vulnerable communities. The Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investments in South East Asia (GRAISEA) is a regional program led by Oxfam that aims to overcome the barriers for SMEs. As a partner of the program, IIX showcases our work in the agricultural SME sector in the South East Asian region, including engaging with over 80 SMEs, supporting over 13 high-impact enterprises and raising a total of US$1.5 million in growth capital through IIX's award-winning ACTS program. Dive deeper into this report to understand how IIX worked to elevate the livelihoods of 31,000 small-holder farmers and women.