Current Impact Academy: Impact Assessor Accreditation Course

Impact Assessor Accreditation 

April to October 2013


 Impact Academy is a one-stop learning opportunity for individuals and organizations to take part in creating sustainable social and environmental impact and to build vibrant social capital markets.


Shujog, IIX’s not-for-profit sister company, is pleased to present the first Impact Academy for Social Impact Assessor Accreditation designed to train Impact Assessors. Participants in this workshop will learn how to assess social impact and take their first step towards becoming an accredited Impact Assessor. The Impact Assessor Accreditation course is a 6-month course over three modules.



Module 1: Impact Academy for Impact Assessor Accreditation | Participants will learn how to create an Impact Framework™ and assess the impact of social enterprises on its stakeholders. The workshop gives participants an overview of how to use Impact Assessments when communicating with impact investors and other third parties. Module 1 has concluded last April 26, 2013. As this is a pre-requisite to Modules 2 and 3, interested participants may register their interest for the 2014 Impact Assessor Accreditation Course here.

Module 2: Impact Assessment and Verification | Participants conduct an Impact Assessment for an organization. Participants are entitled to guidance and advice from Shujog throughout the process of conducting their Impact Assessment. Participants that successfully complete an Assessment are entitled to participate in the Accreditation Academy in October.

Module 3: Accreditation Academy | Participants that have completed an Assessment to a satisfactory standard and received verification of their Assessment by Shujog participate in the Accreditation Academy to receive final training towards becoming Impact Assessors.


Who should Attend

This Impact Academy is for individuals who would like to get a deeper understanding of social assessment, make it into a professional career, and funds and investor professionals that closely evaluate the social impact of their investments.


Value of Course

Learn how to conduct an Impact Assessment Become a licensed Impact Assessor*

*Note: To become an accredited assessor, participants must complete one verified assessment (Module 2), and participate in the accreditation workshop (Module 3).



The 6-month Accreditation course is offered at SG$1,200 for the full three-module course.

Participants can also register for the three modules separately at the prices below .

  • Impact Assessment Accreditation course – Module 1: SG$600
  • Impact Assessment Accreditation course – Module 2: SG$300
  • Impact Assessment Accreditation course – Module 3: SG$600

Note that Module 1 is a requirement for progression to Modules 2 and 3.


Register here for Modules 2 and 3